RSK Labs introduces Bitcoin smart contracts



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Apr 2017
Bitcoin, long recognized for its stability and security, tends to falls short when it comes to newer innovations. Meanwhile, smart contracts platform Ethereum is drawing increasingly more attention.

But what if you could combine those two networks and come up with the best of both worlds? That is what blockchain startup RSK Labs has long sought to do.

The company’s blockchain solution, RSK (or Rootstock), aims to draw on the strengths of the bitcoin network, while bringing new options, like flexible smart contracts, into the picture.

Gabriel Kurman, co-founder of RSK, said:
More than 40 companies are currently testing Ginger, including banks, corporations and startups from all around the world. But once we open the code to the world, we expect hundreds of companies – and partners – to start testing the platform, which, until now, was closed.

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