Rush to purchase the cat claw mug? It is better to invest in AXC


Wait a place all night, the price has been increased several times, rushing to pay the money with non-queuing, just for a cat claw mug.

Recently, the news about the cat claw mug succeeded in achieving "occupy the screen". The spring new product of Starbucks "pink cat claw double-layer mug" sold on the first day, with scare buying. A glass mug at the original price of 199 yuan soared on the Internet, and even being speculated to nearly a thousand yuan.

Some people put up tents to queue up to buy the cup, and some people in order to grab the cat claw mug, directly struck out wildly, one pushed against another, the cup display stand collapsed ... the scalper , high imitation cottage also appeared. The official microblog of the network police also forwarded the reminders and became a network hot spot at one time.

You fight for me to grab, spend nearly a thousand yuan to buy a cup, where is the value? Behind the scare buying is the concept of consumption that people are not calm and irrational.

Instead of losing dignity to compete for such a mug, it is better to invest your leisurely mood and spare money in AXC!

AXC is the token of the AtoX ecosystem. It combines the blockchain with the traditional database, and treats each operation of the database as a transaction, and builds a log-based database application platform based on the blockchain network.

AtoX is a world-leading public blockchain system based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. It builds a completely decentralized trading platform through a trusted super node, the highest-end RPCA protocol, cross-chain lightning network and near-infinite transaction speed. On the basis of building consensus, the economic community platform for joint construction and sharing will strive to maximize the equal opportunities for the public in the new economic model in the new era, and realize the freedom and autonomy of the new "economic man".

Unlike Bitcoin's “mining” issuance mechanism, AXC uses delivery and purchase. AXC has the role of preventing malicious attacks and exchange media in AtoX. AtoX requires each account to have a certain amount of AXC. Each time a transaction is executed, one hundred thousandth of AXC will be destroyed, which will increase the cost of traders who create huge amounts of false accounts for malicious attacks and prevent malicious attacks. In addition, any coin can be exchanged with AXC to become a medium of exchange between coins.

Every ecosystem in the AXC network is equivalent to every computer or server terminal that stores all block data. The production of all new blocks, as well as the verification and accounting of transactions, and broadcasting them to the entire network are all done by ecosystem. The ecosystem is divided into super ecosystem, sub-ecosystem, super ecosystem has the right to vote and the sub-ecosystem is involved in the accounting. The AXC Super ecosystem itself has a certain return on investment, and becoming an AXC Super Ecosystem is an honor in itself.

It is the core value of AXC’s culture to take the ecosystem as home and make the ecosystem co-builders as a family member. AXC practices to eliminate ICO’s cutting leek, returning to the source value of the blockchain, allowing the ecosystem to grow together with the project, to get rich together, and to create a new ecological construction model.

AXC has unlimited potential and we look forward to your joining!