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Apr 2018
Midas is a platform for passive crypto-income​

Our goal is to make an easy way to earn money in crypto with any initial investments or even without any.

The first step is a shared masternode service.
Masternodes are high risk high reward investment. With our service you do not need to buy whole masternode to make money on it. Therefore you can invest small amounts into many great projects to diversify your portfolio.

Midas provides the best service on the shared masternode market because of many innovative features.

  • Instant-shares. Buy a share from a working masternode to start getting payments right away. No need to wait for queues to form or exit masternode. Easy in and out.
  • PoS+MN pool. Invest in a pool and start earning immediately from combined income from MNs and PoS.
  • Reinvestment. Allows you to use earned coins for share increase by compound interest.
  • BTC investment. Invest Bitcoin to get a portfolio of the best high ROI masternodes on the market. It provides stable income and decreases risks.
  • Private masternode hosting. Choose a masternode you like and Midas will make sure it is working correctly and consistently giving rewards.

In 2 months of work we increased our team from 2 members to 7, created a community of 2000 members, installed over 350 masternodes, added 30 coins and we are just starting.

Our short term goal is to create a website, on which our experts will analyse new masternode coins using our formula. That will help our investors to make effective financial decisions.

Right now we are developing fully-automated platform for shares and, later on, different types of crypto-income (PoS, bounty, mining pools, etc.). There are many ways to make a consistent passive profits and Midas aims to gather them all.
ETA for MN shares - May 2018th.

After platform release Midas is going to develop a coin for inner exchange activities. A new token will be a gateway between multiple services, which will be run on smart-contracts.
ETA - August 2018th.

Apr 2018
Midas Masternode Share

1. Instant shares. Innovative creation of the Midas team. Invest your coins in a working masternode and start earning right away
2. Reinvestment. Invest your profits into increase of your share. It will add compounding interest to your share, highly increasing your profits.
3. Instant withdrawals. You do not need to wait to get your coins back, because it does not dissolve a masternode and you do not need to wait for swap. That also means other investors will not suffer because of your withdrawal.
4. BTC investment. Use your BTC to invest into the best masternode coins on the market. No need to choose between different coins and buy them on the exchange to start getting profit.
5. We are developing a fully automated service for our shares with 2 months ETA.

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