Solchicks Metaverse on Solana blockchain

Nov 2021
As Solana grows exponentially I thought I’d have a look at the growing ecosystem around it including NFTs and more specifically NFT Play to Earn games on the Solana blockchain. The biggest games currently on Ethereum include Axie Infinity which has a fully diluted market cap of over 37 Billion USD and their token, AXS, trading at $138USD. With the advantages of Solana there will definitely be strong competitors built on the blockchain that will see similar success. In this post I wanted to take a look at which current projects are most likely to reach the popularity of Axie Infinity. What I found is the most promising upcoming game called Solchicks.

SolChicks is building the next Axie-Infinity that is actually fun to play! Since its launch (6 weeks ago), SolChicks has grown its team to 60+ doxxed members, expanded its community to over 100k members, and partnered with blockchain leaders.
This is a PVP, play to earn game based on adorable little chick NFTs that can be used as avatars within the game. You can battle other players, join in on raids and bond with your Solchicks through play. There is also development of breeding, occupations and land ownership based off of the blockchain coming in the future. They are a week away from the launch of their tokens called $Chicks which based on their large community may do quite well.

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