Super excited about the new Vector ICO!!!

Nov 2017
Have you guys heard of Vector ICO? I have been checking them out and I am very impressed with their project so far. They are opening an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, but will make it very user friendly with great charting as well. So it will function like an all-inclusive, mobile, and easy to use exchange. They already have a working mobile trading app on apple store. Their roadmap is great too with lots of updates and projects coming up quickly and frequently.

I hate having to login to different exchanges for different coins and Vector plans to fix this. I also hate how hard it is to find charting for the coins so that is definitely a plus. Most of all, I am always out and about or at work and half the time I can't login to different exchanges and websites to trade, so having a mobile app that can do all that will help me trade instantly.

I also like that the users and token holders get voting rights and will make all decisions as to how the exchange will be designed and function and which coins to add, etc.

I am patiently awaiting the ICO.

Do you have any pros or cons to discuss with me about Vector? What do you think?

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