SYA x Flooz

Sep 2021
Hello there!

Found this $SYA x Flooz project on a IG story from a clothing creator I follow, did some DD, talked with the team on telegram and it looks promising and solid.

1. Dev team has worked in fintech and on the blockchain since 2014, [u]CEO[/u] is @Lamine23 (IG handle) mastermind behind the digital global banks N26, Cookies, Klarna, WeLabs Hong Kong & is proudly one of Forbes 30u30” for finance.

2. From the mother company Flooz ("Flooz Link" app avaialble on the app store and play store) the teams' created an ecosystem for creators/influencers where they can have their own landing page on (basically linktree on steroids as this allows you to sell digital events, downloads, and more - currently partnered with PayPal) and transform any content from any social network into premium monetizable content.

3. To complete the ecosystem, the team is currently developing the DEX - https://Flooz.Trade with the ultimate goal to extend the reach of creators to the crypto market. The multi-chain DEX (and soon to be wallet app) features:

a. Referral system with payments for life (0.1% back instantly to your wallet in BNB for every trade made with your link)

b. Fiat on-ramp solution allowing users to skip the middleman and buy crypto with fiat using Apple/G-Pay, Debit/Credit, or even bank transfers from anywhere in the world without KYC (UK and US users are able to do it). There is a 4% fee (one of the lowest in the market) from which a small % is used to buy the $SYA token powering the project.

c. NFT marketplace will be added within the next weeks and it will complete the offer for access to all things crypto

d. Ultimate goal, in the future it will allow creators to launch their own token and start the "human stock market". Followers can invest in their favourite creators as if they were comapanies and both followers & creators get rewarded if the creator is well succeed.

5. https://Flooz.Trade is powered by $SYA launched on the Binance smartchain network.


All of the transactions on Flooz.Trade have a 0,5% fee. 0,25% for the team/development and the other 0,25% are used to buy back and burn $SYA.

The token is currently at a 6M market cap (micro cap GEM) and the Flooz.Trade DEX has surpassed 4M trading volume in less than 2 months.

Have a good feeling about this one, especially if creators mass adopt the product and expose it to their audience.

Feel free to DYOR.

Website :