Tark payment system invites you to win the 5G era together


2019 is the first year of 5G in the world, and it is also the first year of blockchain development. Many countries hope to successfully get the first batch of "ship tickets" for 5G commercial use through blockchain technology.

GSMA expects that by the end of this year, 29 markets around the world will open 5G services and the number of connections will reach 10 million.

According to the research report of IHS, by 2035, 5G will generate 12.3 trillion US dollars of economic output globally. This is almost equivalent to the total expenditure of all US consumers in 2016, and exceeds the total consumption expenditure of China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France in 2016. By 2035, the global 5G value chain will create $3.5 trillion in output while creating 22 million jobs. The above figures exceed the value of the entire mobile value chain today.
Faced with such a huge technological dividend, whether or not we can grasp the commanding heights of technology has become the focus of competition.

It may be difficult for a technology to support a scenario, but when combined with multiple technologies, there will be many prospects for emerging scenarios. In the fierce competition, Tark conforms to the trend to create a blockchain +5G landing application scenario to seize market opportunities. "The blockchain 4.0 innovated by Tark payment system is an important underlying technology in the era of digital economy. The combination of 5G may release huge economic value and the prospects are limitless," said the head of the tark project.

The function and performance advantages of 5G can further promote the development of the blockchain. In a general centralized trading system, the privacy protection is provided by the trusted center. Tark payment system is a truly decentralized product based on Blockchain 4.0 technology. The 5G network can increase the number of participation of the Tark blockchain nodes, further improve the decentralization of the blockchain, reduce the block generation time of the blockchain, directly promote the blockchain, and promote the scalability of the blockchain. To provide better support for users of tark payment systems, so as to create a new global cross-border settlement and achieve the ultimate goal of digital bank.

The great advantage of 5G is its high speed, high power capacity, low latency and the ability to connect a large number of devices. On this basis, the security, decentralization, can not be untampered and consensus mechanisms of Tark blockchain payment system technology are used as the base layer to further improve its performance through its low latency, high speed and high capacity, covering capabilities, changing the bottleneck of the development of the Internet of Things.
We believe that with the help of 5G network and blockchain technology, smart cities, driverless cars, smart homes and other sensor-driven enhancement technologies will eventually meet the needs of people's work and life in the future, human consensus and freedom will rise to a new level.