Tark wallet, questions and answers of wallet’s security


Blockchain wallets are tools for storing and using digital assets. Blockchain wallets are very important to the holders of digital assets, he is like a bank card. Blockchain can't start with technology more than security, security issues is urgent! Indeed, today's hackers are more interested in the attack on a blockchain wallet. On the one hand, the wallet itself is unstable in the attack defense, and the other most important aspect is that the holders are not aware of the defense. Below, to bring you security decryption of personal blockchain wallet, tell everyone how to ensure the safety of your wallet!

1. My wallet was hacked! What shall I do?

Since it has already happened, there is nothing you can do. Imagine you enter the wallet and see that there are no digital assets and there are several addresses connected transactions to strangers. This could mean that you have been hacked. Since the nature of the "ownership" of the blockchain anonymity is determined by who holds the secret key, if it is lost, in most cases, your digital asset will actually be lost. The best way to protect your wallet is to make sure you are aware of possible threats and use your wallet properly.

2. How can the hackers steal the passwords?

Quite simply, hackers can easily break through the security of your wallet with simple human weaknesses. The most popular type of fraud attack is phishing. The hacker may send you a fake wallet to represent your wallet service, including a fake URL, which may be different from one or more letters in the real URL of your wallet service. Or, when you enter the online wallet, the hacker can even redirect the correct URL to the fake URL. In addition to phishing, hackers use simple human errors, such as saving private keys in emails, situations in which public keys in public places, using public unprotected networks, etc., allowing hackers to sniff all the information and find passwords.

3. So, where should I put the keys?

The simplest answer is that offline is better than online. A common mistake for attackers is to keep the password and wallet key in email, Google Drive or Dropbox, or to use any note-taking application on your smartphone. These are the first places that hackers usually try to enter. The secret key is the key to the wallet, and you shouldn't and can't expose it to anyone else. You can record it on a USB or write it down and stored it in a drawer.

4. What if I lost my secret key?

It depends on the type of wallet you use. For most popular software wallets, only know your backup phrase, a mnemonic phrase, consisting of 12 words is OK. In case you forget your PIN, you should delete the app, reinstall it using the backup phrase, and create a new PIN. However, once you lose your backup phrase, you lose the access to your wallet. In this case, technology is also helpless.

5. Is there an ideal wallet type and the best security level?

The answer is no, most existing online cloud wallets, or so-called "hot" wallets, use two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from trying to enter your email. Those that are installed as software on your computer, or as an app installed on your smartphone, use a 12-word backup phrase and PIN code. The "cold" wallet is a hardware, it's on a USB or a special medium, and it's considered to be the safest way yet, but according to a recent report, even a hardware wallet is not foolproof. Regular updates and prudent key management are still very important. No matter which wallet you use, you should make sure your laptop or smartphone does not contain malware.

The security of blockchain wallets also determines the security of digital assets. In the form of question and answer, we introduced the blockchain wallet security problem above, and we not only need enough security awareness, we also need a safe and reliable digital wallet. T-ark Wallet is based on the security of user assets, creates a data framework for deep-depth storage and management of user keys, and a higher-level security mechanism to protect the habitat of the private key in an all-round way, and is committed to building a globally open network payment system,friends who are interested in this can pay attention to us, pay attention to the latest developments of T-ark Wallet!