TerraNova (TER) make preparations cooperate with Armors

TerraNova (TER) make preparations cooperate with Armors

TerraNova(TER) make preparations announce the strategic partnership with Armors, the famous blockchain security authority. Armors will provide full-service of security, including security defense test, detection and prevention of vulnerabilities, notification of hacker threat information and full-scale security planning for TerraNova Blockchain and PaymentTER, to safeguard the security of all users’ digital assets. And now, TerraNova (TER) will built cooperation with Armors on security vulnerability and threat intelligence bounty.

TerraNova(TER) as a viable payment in Charity activities and, more importantly, wants to inspire merchants/Investors in brick and mortar stores to start accept TerraNova(TER) as a currency Donate in Charity activities.

Armors Labs, the famous blockchain security authority, is the certificated security partner that cooperates with top digital asset exchanges including Huobi, OKEx, BBX, Huobi, Poloniex, etc., providing safeguard and service on cross-chain transfer, security audit, penetration test, platform security of smart contract for all digital asset exchanges.

Buying and Selling TerraNova (TER) : Cryptopia, Livecoin and CoinExchange
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