TerraNovaCoin (TER) is coming soon to Nigeria
It's well understood in the community at this point that investing in economies with highly inflationary currencies yields higher returns in adoption and that there is a more compelling case for mass market in these counties also.And TER Nigeria recently got two new merchants to accept TER and simultaneously offer a discount for paying in TER, while also announcing a coming exchange integration.

The first store, Bumble Bees is a Nigerian-based, it is an online shopping destination for babies and kids offering sales of unique and trendy wears for baby boys and girls, toys, shoes and others related items. The second store, Afroma Style, is also Nigerian-based, offers sales of men and women jewelry like necklace, earrings, anklet and bracelet, and other products like headgear and brooch. according to David Luz of TER Nigeria, and sells an assortment of cryptocurrency related products. Additionally, Bumble Bees will be offering a 20% discount with the code ‘TER 8138’ and Afroma Style will be offering a 5% discount to TER users. David Luz said that “knowing that TER is cryptocurrencies will list on ample exchanges in Nigeria” and a growing userbase made convincing the merchants to accept TER relatively easy.

TerraNova(TER) will builds confidence with increased liquidity
While cryptocurrency provides potential solutions, the first few steps remain difficult since individuals require easy on-boarding and off-boarding ramps between fiat and cryptocurrency. TER has recognized this and has thus dedicated significant resources to increasing exchange integrations. This not only provides consumers with easier access to TER, but also more confidence that they can easily exit if they so wish. This reinforces adoption since consumers will feel less of a need to exit as they become more confident in TER.

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