Tezos becomes largest ICO

Apr 2017
“Self-amending cryptographic ledger” Tezos has raised almost $200 mln in the first two days of its ICO.

The uncapped sale of its Tezzies (TEZ) tokens will continue through July 12. At press time Monday, contributions had reached 42,600 BTC ($104.3 mln) and 184,700 ETH ($51.2 mln) for a combined total of around $155.5 mln.

The lack of hard cap means Tezos could easily end up being the largest ICO ever once it closes in ten days’ time.

The project had garnered tremendous interest from the cryptocurrency community and beyond, thanks in part to support and bullish sentiment from celebrated investor Tim Draper."



Site Admin
Apr 2017
A friend of mine is bullish on Tezos and just purchased some through their website. It hasn't been released yet, looks like a pre-ICO release.

I'm now curious and looking into it more too... I might invest, but I've never been excited or invested in any ICO's.
I avoid ICOs like the plague after watching people buy Synereo at $0.20 during their ICO last year. The day the tokens were released to participants they traded on Poloniex for $0.05. I think IOTA and others are currently following suit. What's Synereo worth today? Yep! $0.20.

I am patiently waiting for the market to tank further in the run up to August 1st and buy XRP at $0.10, ETH at $100, FCT at $8-10, and DGB at $0.0025.
Apr 2017
Out of all the recent ICO's I think Tezos has the most potential. Having big investors like Tim Draper is a big plus. So far it's trading on HitBTC for double of what the ICO cost was. Although that's not a good indicator of its true value it will be interesting to see where it goes once it's more readily available.