The Brief history about Birdchain.

A Brief history about Birdchain.

Firstly I will like to make this clear, Birdchain is not a start-up, It is part of a parent company, named Vertex. Vertex is a profitable company with a team of experienced professionals, whose professionalism and skills were tested in action. The founding team has successfully co-launched several businesses.
The parent company vertex has the following sub company VertexSMS, Bekredito, Birdchain, integrated optics, flirtas.

what is Birdchain really all about ?

Birdchain is developing a Multi-purpose decentralized application (Dapp) which will Revolutionize two main industries, that's the advertisement industry and the A2P SMS industry. The Birdchain Dapp Currently has a revolutionary advertisement platform where an advertiser can run ads on Birdchain platform and get real human interaction to his/her ads, be it youtube chnnels or videos, photos or any Websites Including ICO projects. And also there is an Instant messaging feature that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn Crypto! The Birdchain service lets mobile phone users automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. The SMS feature will be release this Q2, 2019.

One of the key features of Birdchain is that the app will allow its users to "sell" their unused SMS for crypto, These texts will be used by companies like Google, whatapp, facebook, Oriflame, Western Union, Booking, TransferGO, Viber, Skype, Salesforce etc. Guys this is no joke, the parent company VertexSMS already has these following client Google, whatapp, facebook, Oriflame, Western Union, Booking, TransferGO, Viber, Skype and Salesforce. You can verify this from the Birdchain whitepapper with link below, or talk to any of the admin on birdchain main telegram channel :: and you will see that Birdchain is a hidden gem for early investors like you.
Due to time issue, I will keep this article very short so you can read through it over and over.

Now there is a good news for anyone reading this text, Birdchain is still below a penny, yes that's correct. You can now buy enough Birdchain token from idex ( ) and hold, the future is bright with Birdchain.

Don't forget, Birdchain token is very cheap on idex ( ) still below a penny, Buy as many as possible, for the price you see now, you may not see it again in the future.

Buy birdchain now on idex why it's still less than penny.

Birdchain Official group::

Birdchain official website::

Birdchain Whitepapper::

unofficial birdchain tutorial group::

If you don’t know how to buy Birdchain token on Idex, watch the video below for more info.

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