the difference between cryptocurrency circle and casino

The simplest roulette, from 1 to 36, you can bet on odd number or even number, and you can get twice the money if you win. At this time, your winning rate as a gambler and a casino’s winning rate is 50% each. You and the casino are in a situation that both don’t make profit after long term. But casino had costs of hiring staff and doing business. If the winning rate is the same as you, the casino will have to close business.
In order not to close the door, the casino will add a number 0 to the roulette, which will become 0 to 36. You can bet on odd number or even number, you can also bet on 0. Your winning rate at this time has quietly reduced from 50% to 48.4%, the winning rate of the casino has become 51.6%. Don't underestimate this 1.6% probability change, which is the secret weapon that the casino can't make stable profits. With this secret weapon, casino will not cheat and is not afraid of your winning. Because when the probability is standing on the casino side, the casino’s winning will be a high probability event, as long as you insist on gambling, the casino will take your money out sooner or later. The luxury decoration of the casino and the professional service plus the considerable annual profit are supported by the advantage of 1.6% probability. What the casino need to do is to increase customer traffic and cash flow because it knows that it is winning.
After saying much about casino, what does it have to do with the cryptocurrency circle?
Those two are very similar, because they have to face uncertainty. When you bet in casino, you won't know whether you win or not. Even if you know that you are definitely losing, but people love to fight for a small probability; same to trading in the cryptocurrency circle. After placing an order, can you make money? You can't guarantee it. In fact, you also vaguely understand that you are a leek, but you still want to believe that you will be the lucky one to beat the market.
The secret of most people losing money in the cryptocurrency circle is here, placing orders when they can't control winning percentage and rushing to small probability. And if you want to make a profit, you must ensure that you have the advantage of the probability to shoot. In the short-term, the winning rate should be improved. The way is to take the shot when you are confident, and reduce impulsive and ineffective orders. Seect the good target that can pass the time test in long term trading, ignore the fluctuation and hold patiently.
When someone asked the Japanese sword master Miyamoto Musashi how he can be invincible, he said: “do not look for opponents that you cannot beat.” We should learn form this if we want to survive in the cryptocurrency circle. Don't place orders when your probability is not dominant. We know the secret of casino, so we don't go to the casino. There is no limit to us in the cryptocurrency circle, but we should control ourselves not to fight for small probability.
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Block-casino is becoming an increasingly popular trend on the Internet, and if you have just discovered this term, here is a quick educational program in what is a chain of blocks and how a casino works on a blockbuster. The first thing you need to understand is how information is stored in the detachment. In fact, the block chain is a digital register, which is used to record transactions that use crypto currency (tokens). Transactions are recorded sequentially, publicly available and unchanged. Understanding these principles, we can apply them to gambling for online casinos. The advantages of these basic principles led to the emergence of so-called block casinos, which are based on the use of blockchain technology for processing the results of games. Thus, thanks to the honesty and transparency of the technology of blocking, online gambling enter a completely new level of trust among users.

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