The Enlightenment of Rockefeller Family's "unparalleled" in the world

There is an old saying in China says " From rags to riches and back again in three generations", but the Rockefeller family has developed into the sixth generation in the 21st century, and it is still in the full flush of success,unparalleled in the world.

Rockefeller, Jewish descendant: the first billionaire on earth
On July 8, 1839, John. Rockefeller was born in a small town called Yang Jia on the Hudson River, New York. His parents had very different personalities: the mother was a pious Christian who was converted to the Bible. She was industrious, frugal, simple and strict in his family education; The father was a practical playboy. He was confident and adventurous, also he was sociable, self-willed and self-centered.

As a descendant of the Jews, Rockefeller was born with genius. He not only learned the practical way of doing business from his father, but also learned the fine, frugal, trustworthy, and meticulous strengths from his mother. This year, Rockefeller, who was only 19 years old, borrowed $1,000 from his father at an annual interest rate of 10%, plus his own savings of $800. He co-founded a company that operates cereals and meat with Clark. This is the first company to be founded by Rockefeller. At that time, oil had been found in Pennsylvania, and thousands of people had flocked to the oil production area like the gold mining boom. Merchants in Cleveland are also very excited about this new business, they chose young and promising broker Rockefeller to personally investigate the Pennsylvania crude oil production.

After a period of investigation, he returned to Cleveland. He advised merchants not to invest in crude oil production because oil production there has been excessive and demand is limited, and the market for oil markets must fall. He warned that it was necessary to learn to wait and be patient for success.

Sure enough, as Rockefeller expected, due to the madness of oil drilling, the oil price fell and fell, and those drilling pioneers were defeated one by one. Three years later, when crude oil plunged again and again, Rockefeller thought that it was time to invest in oil, which was far beyond the expectations of ordinary people. He and Clarke jointly invested $4,000 to open a refinery in partnership with a British Andrews working in a refinery. Andrews used a new technology to refine kerosene, which enabled Andrews-Clark company to grow rapidly.

Rockefeller, who is only in his early 20s, is quite sophisticated in his business. He waited patiently and calmly observed for a while before deciding work hard. After receiving the stake in Andrews-Clark, Rockefeller renamed the company Rockefeller-Andrews. Since then, his life has been like a cheat, he not only became the first billionaire in the United States and the world, but also with his own unique strength and means to build a huge oil empire step by step.

The desire for wealth has driven Rockefeller forward

After more than a century of Rockefeller family, still writing a glorious history, the descendants of John "D" Rockefeller did not hide in the room all day and plan how to hold their wealth, not letting money fall into the pockets of others, but actively participate in culture, health and philanthropy, and use a lot of money to set up funds for a good reputation to make more money, and invest in universities, hospitals, and let the whole society share their wealth.


Jewish merchant AJM: changes the world with blockchain

The Jewish descendant Rockefeller created a miracle of wealth. Coincidentally, the Jewish Jewish JT team, which also inherits Jewish wisdom, entered the digital field of the blockchain and used the blockchain 4.0 technology to change the world. Jack Ma, China's richest man, said earlier that blockchain technology is about to change the world in the future, just as today's Internet has changed people's lives. The Internet has also been in doubt, but now we have seen its true power and enjoy it.

The Jewish merchant AJM is the product of the Blockchain 4.0 era, which combines multiple advantages.

- Super Deep web running on anonymous distributed servers based on blockchain;

- The most secure secret chat tool in the history of transmitting encrypted information through distributed anonymous network;

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- A green channel that allows Bitcoin to be anonymously exchanged for more legal currencies;

- Decentralized advertising information bidding platform for the whole network;

- An open ERC 2.0 platform with smart contract Dapp development capabilities;

- Decentralized distributed OTC trading platform;

- Defending privacy and representing the art of decentralized freedom.

In the future, AJM will realize a decentralized consensus ecosystem, become the most powerful free financial business system and global private social network in history, promoting the revolution of blockchain reform and corporate governance, and innovate the global digital economy!

To be a "unparalleled" in the world is not a dream, join the Jewish merchant AJM, and build a future map of the blockchain with us to open the door to wealth of the new world.