The first Metaverse public chain Caduceus was born, is the most valuable public chain in the blockchain game field?

Sep 2021
The first Metaverse public chain Caduceus was born, is the most valuable public chain in the blockchain game field?
In 2017, Cryptokitties (crypto cats) became the first phenomenal DApp in the crypto field and the game DApp with the most extended life cycle so far, which had created a single-day record of 14,000+ daily active addresses and once caused a blockage of Ether transactions. The milestone of CryptoCat is that it proves to everyone that there are broader scenarios for blockchain to play and create. Still, it also wakes up the crowd that the throughput of Ether will be challenging to support the emergence of more scenarios.

Recently, as concepts such as NFT and meta-universe continue to heat up, the blockchain game field is showing signs of a blowout with the rhythm of more than five game-type DApps online on average every day, and they also share a standard feature, that is, they choose to develop based on Ethereum. However, Ether's throughput and the Gas fee have been a significant problem for developers, and the reason these games still choose Ether is that they have not found a better alternative.

What is Caduceus?
The Caduceus is an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform built explicitly for the Metaverse. Decentralized digital worlds, aiming to provide a highly adaptable and highly liberal building premise for the metaverse ecosystem, help metaverse participants around the world lower the barrier of entry, and at the same time, with the advantages of Caduceus in VR and other visual augmentation technologies, bring the market closer to the Caduceus can be the underlying support for the Metaverse, and is also perfectly adapted to the blockchain game field, because blockchain tour, as a part of the Metaverse, is generally considered to be the best entry point for the practical application of the Metaverse.

It is currently the development period of the blockchain game, whether it is a serious game or an imitation plate. Every project that comes up has to choose a suitable public chain for itself first. Ether used to be the first choice for many projects, but due to the high-frequency transaction property of the game itself, more and more blockchain games have to choose other better alternatives again. The emergence of Caduceus provides a feasible solution for many vendors who want to develop games based on a more efficient and convenient public chain with more security and privacy.

Caduceus provides tools to support the creation of 3D game materials/models and related NFT casting transactions and splitting tools. It also builds open-source hardware and software platform that includes display terminals, computing centers, operating systems, and interfaces. Together with a complete set of XR algorithm package, it seamlessly connects with the Unity3D AR engine and other mainstream productivity tools. At the same time, Caduceus revolutionarily adopts a multi-level distributed hash map structure with infinite expansion and massively parallel processing capabilities beyond ordinary blockchain table data structures. Together with BigBang's fully hardware-programmable accelerated blockchain consensus system, StarRing transaction merging and execution engine, and Nebula level infinitely scalable block database, Caduceus can withstand the demand for task processing capacity in highly concurrent and complex environments and will allow developers to achieve the freedom to innovate and create cutting-edge applications to the greatest extent possible.

Although this solution is currently seen to be most applicable to areas such as Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain games, in the future, as the applications develop, even if other demanded application scenarios appear, it should not be difficult for Caduceus to provide its corresponding solutions. After all, the raw materials are already there; it just depends on the specific needs to "build a tall building.

" At the same time, as mentioned above, Caduceus is a blockchain platform that creates infrastructure for the meta-universe and decentralized digital world, and the more projects it puts online, the more prosperous the ecology will be. Caduceus will likely accompany the development of the ecology.

So overall, Caduceus is a public chain project with a good foundation, and there is still room for optimization, so the expectation of this public chain project can be expected. As a "battleship" in the field of blockchain games, Caduceus will always provide protection and support for the applications on it. When there are more and more applications on Caduceus, Caduceus will be like an undefeated battleship.