The platform coins has been greatly increased, it is the booming spring season

As the temperature gradually goes up, the circle of friends of WeChat is filled with the joy of travelling, full screen of cauliflower, it seems beautiful in close sight and grand in the distance, beautiful enough to feast the eyes.

The good news in the token market is also coming from time to time, as if with the warm weather ushered in spring.

According to the data from, today's panic and greed index is 56 (yesterday was 42 ), the level of panic continues to ease, and the level turns to greed. The panic index ranges from 0 to 100, of which 0 means "extreme fear" and 100 means "extreme greed." The changes in panic data is evident.

The rise in the token market has attracted a large number of investors to enter the market.

Whether it is for the experienced old leeks or for the freshmen that have just entered into the coin circle, you need to be cautious. After all, it was yesterday that Bitcoin fell from its peak of $20000 to $3500.

Of course, this is not to say that there is no reliable choice. According to recent market conditions, the platform token is not bad - WA is a good representative.

The platform-token WA, launched by the world's first Wafcoin token trading platform with dual-license in Virgin Islands, has continued to gain momentum due to the ups and downs of the currency. WA combines many advantages in one: insist on the mechanism of holding coins to get dividends, inviting dividends, and never increasing the number of issuance, and to be down-to-earth for the benefit of users; the platform implements a number of initiatives to continuously enhance the value of WA, through cooperation with cross-border e-commerce, WA is used for the purchase and payment of the goods and increase its circulation value.

The platform launched the WA Eco-Program, which is both a representative of the Wafcoin platform's interests and a representative of WA's ecological interests. It can efficiently and reliably realize proof of stake represented by tokens, including circulation, dividends, and all kinds of voting-based community governance functions, which are the basis for building a future token economy.

The global Eco-Program will focus on market investors, miners, project parties, trading users, medias and other partners, focusing on project incubation, community matrix and other landing application ecological scenarios, to achieve the diversified layout of the platform WA and the sustained growth of investment value.

Wafcoin is a platform that serves the users in a down-to-earth manner; WA is a thousand times worth of value that is really worth starting!

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