The rise of the cryptocurrency economy

Cryptocurrency is a new industry, but it is gaining rapid success.It starts with Bitcoin and is based on blockchain technology. Although Bitcoin is the forerunner, we trade more than 1,500 currencies on the exchange today. Among them, well-known cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum. As can be seen from the "1 ethereum to usd chart", today's 1ETH≈469.05$, compared to yesterday at the same time, the price shows an upward trend. ETH prices are not determined by the state or by an agency.

The state will not force you to accept bitcoin, but the higher the level of participation from player , the higher the recognition, the greater the value of the cryptocurrency. Some people may ask, who is the industry with such a large cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency is a currency exist on internet. It is the currency that everyone can access and hold. It is not owned by the government. Although the government is trying to regulate the industry, they are unable to determine the value of the coin anyway. Just like the United States and the European Union, strictly speaking, the government's supervision of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy

The price of cryptocurrencies differs from legal tender, and a big problem with cryptocurrencies is volatility. They can change quickly and unpredictably, especially worse. This makes it difficult for companies to adopt and accept it as a means of payment. However, some cryptocurrencies are currently doing such an attempt, and there has been news that a company accepts Bitcoin or Ethereum payments. Of course this is not new.

But not long ago, a candidate in the United States who was preparing to participate in the 2020 US presidential campaign also announced that he would accept donations from cryptocurrencies. This is enough to see the globalization of cryptocurrencies. And people's recognition of cryptocurrencies.

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With cryptocurrency, you can not only invest and buy. You can even post it yourself, based on a distribution platform for some cryptocurrencies.The value of this cryptocurrency will be determined by the player's activity, trust, and frequency of use. If you do not have these advantages, your cryptocurrency will disappear soon. Because no one is going to use it.
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