Thoughts on Bytecoin (BCN)?

just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were on Bytecoin...Who own it worth investing in... is it popular now beach so many new ppl are getting into crypto and the price is still fairly low that you can get large numbers for value!
Bytecoin (BCN) is on my watch list.

It's got a good use case and is across a number of exchanges, the team looks solid and trading volumes are reasonable.

As you say, at $0.0086 right now that's a good amount of coins for a small price.

Need to do more reading on it to see if it's a Go, but again, at such a low price even something under $50 buys a lot as a speculative holding.



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Apr 2017
I was looking at buying BCN, right before the recent surge, but the swings are too volatile for me.

Poloniex has frozen all incoming and outgoing BCN, so you're forced to keep it on their exchange.

HitBTC also has BCN, which is where I would probably buy it. I need to see things level off a bit more before I jump in.

But it's on my watchlist at the moment...
i seen a recent post on their reddit feed from the official BCN community manager,after trying to research on my own iv learnt that it has been around since 2012 it was the preferred coin on the dark web so the anonimity side of what the coin offers checks out..i know its been called the father coin of MONERO as the code that they use is almost identical, Monero took off ($509) but due to the coins marketing and lack of being talked about and pushed it has kind of just sat back in the shadows the team on reddit say that even tho due to they flashy marketing of other coins rising in value that they have always continued to work on delivering the best possible product ... i attached a screen shot of the post on reddit is there validity to this?


Good find - but hard to 'prove'. On balance, as it was posted by BCN_Official and her name is on the contacts page, it probably is legit.

My only caution here is there's no statement of what has happened / was has been put in place to change the situation, just a promise 5 months ago that stuff will happen. Has it, what can we know?

A bit of reading around and I found the following (with my comments added):

From August to late November the price was pretty stalled under the $0.002 mark, rising only in December. What caused that rise and the related increase in trading volumes? For one thing it appears there's been notable developer effort in December. An updated wallet with new features (11-Dec), a hack attack that was defeated (20-Dec) and a new roadmap (22-Dec).

It will be interesting to see if the current price of $0.006 / $0.008 becomes the new base to lift off from. If they stick to the Roadmap it should do and the energy seems to be there right now. BCN might drop a little more as we have a quieter January for news - the next Roadmap item is a new API Feb 6th. Let's see if it follows a pattern of rising on news, dropping in between. That could give good buy / sell windows and confirm if the Dev team can sustain their efforts.

Getting more convinced of a buy for me.

Keep me updated if you hear anything else I'm trying to read up and find out anything i can in regards to this security coin!

Where did you read about the Hack attack defeated??
I had a lot of bytecoin but they kept having technical issues with wallets and stuff and they were not very responsive to emails so I moved it over to electra and xp before they both shot up I think I got 10k electra for about 10 or 15 dollars think it's worth about 50 atm same with xp, now coinsmarkets has been down for 2 days and my electra is stuck there going to move it to a desktop wallet if the wallet supports POS
yes but there is 184 billion coins i doubt it could go much higher than a dollar it seems coins with the least coins go for the highest price , i could be wrong but its just what i see when looking at coin market cap, if you buy 100k coins and it goes to a dollar your still making a mint tho