Trading on all crypto exchanges from one interface

Hello guys,
In this thread, we want to discuss some problems with cryptocurrency trading, and tell you about the solution we have developed to help all traders to manage and monitor their crypto assets hassle free.

Why is crypto trading hard?
  • Too many exchanges, but only a few are good.
  • The necessity of keeping numerous accounts.
  • The lack of professional tools, risk management solutions.
  • Missing opportunities - because you can't monitor the market all the time.
Sounds familiar? Here is the list what our team has achieved already:
  • Trading platform integrated with 20+ major exchanges and more than 8000 pairs.
  • Apart from regular limit and market orders, you can use our shadow and conditional (Stop Loss & Take profit) orders.
  • Exclusive arbitrage solution to take advantage of a price difference between exchanges.
  • Track your trading performance and trade history across all your exchanges in a live generated portfolio.
Why we share this project with you?
It is simple. We would love to discuss what challenges do you face while trading your crypto. The platform is live and free to use. Everyone can give it a try in demo mode and then decide if they want to link their real accounts. We are open to answer any questions related to the platform and receive any feedback from you :)

For this thread, we will post critical updates and some news about how our project is going on. We are looking forward to hearing from you join in an active discussion. You can learn more on our official website (, or contact us directly at

Want to be more effective in your day trading? Or maybe get a full overview of how your crypto is performing? We make a video to help you learn how you can utilize Bitsgap platform at full power and how to get started in a few quick steps.

Updates and Patch Notes (21.11.2018)
  • New platform architecture - a significant increase in order processing speed and gathering data from exchanges is much faster.
  • Finalized integration of new exchanges. Now Bitsgap users can trade on Bibox, Bit-Z, Coinbene, Liqui, and
  • Okex exchange switched to a new API v3 and added a passphrase to run API keys. Keys from v1 no longer functioning and users need to create a new one.
  • Idex exchange does not work on the new architecture. We are working on a resolution.
If you run into a bug or experience technical difficulties, please let us know:
Updates and Patch Notes (23.11.2018)
  • Wex exchange has been temporarily disabled until further notice. Due to uncertainties regarding the Wex exchange, we decide to temporary remove it from Bitsgap supported exchanges list until the situation is clarified.
If you run into a bug or experience technical difficulties, please let us know:
Introducing a new Bitsgap portfolio interface
Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio is a vital tool for anyone who starts to trade. Your portfolio is a collection of all holdings and transactions you have executed in the past, combined they are showing how great your trading performance and results are growing over the time. Many cryptocurrency traders are using an old-school excel spreadsheet where they spend a lot of time combining all formulas to calculate the results, or they are using free services, but there you need to enter all your transactions manually.

Today we officially going live with updated portfolio interface and new architecture which allows users to see the diversification and more accurate information about your trading performance on all popular exchanges. The first Portfolio update will have limited functionality, which will be updated next weeks.

What you can do with a new portfolio?
  • Monitor how your portfolio value changes in real-time
  • See the price trend of every coin you own
  • Get a detailed information about the performance of a specific coin or exchange
  • Analyze how your trades impact on your overall portfolio value
  • Track your trade history and the results in profit & loss statement
  • See all your open and closed positions in one window
  • Check your logs and notifications in a separate tab, so you always know what happened when you were away
More features and analytics tools will be coming in the next few months. We are planning to expand the list of services to fill every single gap for a modern crypto trader.
Updates and Patch Notes (04.12.2018)
During the last week, we have made significant progress with the system updates and have developed a steady improvement in platform performance. We are actively working on releasing new features and at the same time, enhancing our current features usability. Today we would like to share some of our results and give you a sneak peek for the next update.

Platform transfer to a new subdomain
Starting from today, all users who want to access Bitsgap platform will be redirected to a new sub-domain. This transfer would allow us to increase the overall processing and loading speed of internal interface at least x2. All the data collection and communication with exchanges will be significantly improved. Awesome!

Product tour page revealed
A new page published on Bitsgap website where you can learn more about what you can do with the platform. We believe this tour will demonstrate the full potential for new users and visitors they can get. It will help you to decide if Bitsgap is the right choice for you before jumping in and adding your API keys. You will find a full scale of user experience can be explored and understand basic usability.

Official Bitsgap blog
You can explore many interesting trading articles where we discuss the current market situation and provide educational content for people who are new in trading cryptocurrency. Make sure to check it out!

Night mode comes to Bitsgap
Today we are releasing a night mode for the trading page on Bitsgap platform. After many requests, we officially present you the night mode to solve the user's eyes experience once and for all. The main principle we had during the design development is to minimize the number of eyes strain that people felt while they were using the day version. Trading requires a lot of attention and following the numbers which can be extremely harmful using the original version.

The new permanent night mode can be enabled from a Trading page quick setting on the top right corner of your screen.
Today we decide to close this thread since we don't see any activity and interests from forum users. You can follow our news and updates on our official blog and telegram channel. Thank you!