#U.S Crypto Exchange Air dropping 1M of coins#

Coinstocks Aidrop

Coinstocks.io is a US-based exchange focused on bringing Crypto Trading to everyone.At CoinStocks, we are based in the US and we aim to provide full transparency and a modern cutting edge user interface from day one! Opening a US-based exchange in the US is not a small endeavor, but we firmly believe that with persistence and help from the community we will succeed at making Coinstocks a leading cryptocurrency exchange for the US market.

CoinStocks will feature it's own currency, "CoinStock IO's" (iox). Get In Early in the next leading US Exchange. Get Early Access to our platform
Everybody that signs up before our beta platform opens will get priority access to the website.
Airdrop of free 500 iox for early adopters. Each month, a vote will be held to add a new currency to CoinStocks. Voting will cost 20 IOXs but will only cost 10 IOXs for early adopters. We plan to use IOX for a multitude of use cases. Some examples are: Fees, Voting Power, Referrals and Coin Integration payout. We're even giving away free IO's from time to time.

Airdrop Link: https://coinstocks.io?referral=nm36
Non referral link : https://coinstocks.io
You can refer to your friends also. Each referral is worth 50 $IOX! (For more detail about proof , have a look at attached pix)