Ultimate 5 Main Reasons why you should include birdchain into your portfolio


5 Main Reasons why you should include birdchain into your portfolio

First what is birdchain ?

Birdchain is developing a Multi-purpose Dapp which will Revolutionize two main industries, that's the advertisement industry and the A2P SMS industry. The Birdchain Dapp Currently has a revolutionary advertisement platform where an advertiser can run ads on Birdchain platform and get real human interaction to his/her ads, be it youtube chnnels or videos, photos or any Websites Including ICO projects. And also there is an Instant messaging feature that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn Crypto! The Birdchain service lets mobile phone users automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. The SMS feature will be release this Q2, 2019, this means the project and token value may multiply in value.

Why should you include Birdchain into your portfolio ?

1 - One of the key features of Birdchain is that the app will allow its users to "sell" their unused SMS for crypto, These texts will be used by companies like Google, whatapp, facebook, Oriflame, Western Union, Booking, TransferGO, Viber, Skype, Salesforce etc. Guys this is no joke, the parent company VertexSMS already has these following client Google, whatapp, facebook, Oriflame, Western Union, Booking, TransferGO, Viber, Skype and Salesforce. You can verify this from the Birdchain whitepapper with link below, or talk to any of the admin on birdchain main telegram channel :: t.me/birdchainchat and you will see that Birdchain is a hidden gem for early buyers like you. With these, you should normally understand that Birdchain token should be your number one crypto in your portfolio.

2 - Birdchain token will increase very high in value due to the token burn (destroy) of 50.4527% of Birdchain token, that is 292,758,328.52 Birdchain token was burn openly during a live show. No blockchain company has ever done this before, destroying 50.4527% of their token openly, this goes a long way to tell you that birdchain is not here to joke. Like I said earlier, this 50.4527% of token burn has made many people to make birdchain their number one in their porfolio for 2019.

Here is the burn address of Ethereum for anyone who want to Verify.

3 - You should make birdchain your number one crypto in your portfolio because Birdchain token will keep increasing in value is due to the fact that Birdchain Dapp is a Multi-functional Dapp. Once the SMS feature will be launch this Q2 2019, the app will have both an ads platform ( Currently available in the Dapp ) and also A2P SMS function.
What is A2P SMS ?.
This simply means Application To Person SMS. With this feature any Birdchain user will be able to sell his/her unused SMS to Companies that need SMS, for Authentication, marketing campaign etc. Have you ever try to login into your bank account or your crypto exchange account where you have link your number for SMS verification, that type of SMS is call A2P sms and Birdchain will give it users the power to sell their SMS to Companies and earn real Cryptocurrency. For a company to be able to buy your SMS they must used birdchain token to do that.
If you read that, you will understand now that Birdchain token is a hidden gem in the crypto space.

4 - Birdchain has a very low Circulating supplier after 50.4527% of Birdchain token was burn openly. With a very low circulating supplier, this means the token price and value will keep increasing since the team has no token to dump, The users will have total control. Not like some other token out there.

5 - The Six reasons why you should include Birdchain into your portfolio is simply because, Birdchain already has a working product were advertisers can run ads on the Birdchain platform and receive thousands of human visitors to his/her website or youtube channel. The best thing about Birdchain is that, advertiser get quality human traffic to his/her website or youtube channel etc, no bots is involve and Birdchain has a very large user-base for any website or ICO.
If you plan on advertising on birdchain here is the link. app.birdchain.io . With Birdchain already having a working product, this will sky rock the price of the Birdchain token.

- To run an ads on Birdchain, that's very easy, create your account, Buy Birdchain token on Idex, deposit the token into your newly created account and create your ads. That is very simple.
- You can see your ads statistics on your dashboard and make adjustment if necessary.

There is a good news for everyone now, Birdchain token is very cheap on idex ( idex.market/eth/bird ) still below a penny, Buy as many as possible, for the price you see now, you may not see it again in the future.

Buy birdchain now on idex why it's still less than penny.


Birdchain Official group:: t.me/birdchainchat

Birdchain official website:: birdchain.io/

Birdchain Whitepapper:: github.com/Birdchain/whitepaper-business/blob/master/README.md

unofficial birdchain tutorial group:: t.me/earnfreecryptodail

If you don’t know how to buy Birdchain token on Idex, watch the video below for more info.