Using smart contracts in video games?

Apr 2021
If smart contracts were to be used in a fantasy video games. It could be that a NPC (non-player character) could create a quest and once the requirement of the quest is completed a reward can be given/ distributed to the player/ party.

As awesome as this sounds it doesn't make sense why someone would use a distributed ledger to start recording every transaction for every equip-able item.

Their would be to much transparency. With this transparency everything updated in real time would be such a pain.


Site Admin
Apr 2017
Smart contracts were created for DeFi, not for video games.

NFTs are better designed for video games, allowing each "equip-able item" you mention to be a non-fungible token for players to use within the game ecoysystem.
Aug 2020
The first thing that came to mind to me was NFT's too. It would make sense to use these, for example in games where collecting special characters or customized objects is an important part of the game. That wouldn't mean the whole game runs on smart contracts.