Here is what was happening in our VISIO Memberships recently:

The Memberships were paused from 17.06.2019 to 28.06.2019 and are back to operation from 29.06.2019. That pause was unavoidable because of massive Bitcoin increase and constant red Alt market. Almost all Altcoins were dropping for over a week, during that time the Memberships were on hold and we advised our Members to invest in BTC before the big increase.

Our analyst Team predicted the BTC increase almost perfectly. When following our advise for BTC/USD entry and exit points Members made even over 40% in the time of a week! Maybe not the quickest profit, but stable, safe and really big. You can find Screenshots from the BTC predictions above this post. Congrats to all who trusted our Predictions!

The Memberships are back to normal operation now, from 3 days we are crushing the Predictions with 100% accuracy. Altcoins market is gaining huge amounts of volume and bringing back investors. It's a perfect time for us, and we intend to use that time wisely! Weekly Membership results in few days.

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RESULTS FROM 29.06.2019 - 05.07.2019
Below you will find all Detections that we posted in our Memberships during the week 29.06.2019 - 05.07.2019. We use GMT timezone. During day 02.07.2019 our Memberships were paused because of BTC rising. Another profitable week behind us. BTC caused us some problems but also some good profit when used well. Thanks to BTC corrections Alt market gained volume just like we predicted and we cought some high waves. During this week our Predictions and Detections had an overall accuracy of 84%. With Bitcoin stabilized and slowly rising we are finally in perfect position again to cash those profits. Thank you for another great week and goodluck in the next one.

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RESULTS FROM 06.07.2019 - 12.07.2019

Below you will find all Detections that we posted in our Memberships during the week 06.07.2019 - 12.07.2019. We use GMT timezone. During day 08.07.2019 our Memberships were paused because of bad Market Condition. Another RECORD BREAKING week. Only 1 Prediction was not hit. The VISIO BOT is learning and we can see the result of it. During this week our Predictions and Detections had an overall accuracy of 94%. We entered the Alt market. Unfortunately we didn't manage to Detect any pumps this week, but we think that there will be more luck in the next one. Thank you for another great week and good luck in the next one.

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An open letter from the Jewish saint JT to all mankind

Dear global encrypted asset enthusiasts, hello, everyone!

The universe is vast, everything is changing at every moment, just as the fission of life is endless! We are all involved in the journey of human beings changing the world over and over again. If you ask who we are? I will tell you that we are the inheritors of the Jewish great national spirit - Jewish saint JT.

The Jewish nation have changed the world in different historical periods, promoted the development of world history, and left thick and heavy colours for world history. Their great achievements are still remembered.

Moses, who put forward that everything is the law, laid the foundation of Western law;

Jesus believed that everything was suffering, created Christianity and opened the way for human self-redemption;

Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, which changed human understanding of the world.

Marx, who created Das Kapital, promoted the development of human social system.

They issued US dollars and took control of world finance;

They invented stock futures and worked out the rules of the global game;

Now Jewish saint JT, launched the encrypted asset AJM, is about to set off a global financial revolution and establish a global digital bank that will once again change the world!

Fifth. AJM realizes the globalization of digital bank and completes the historical mission that BTC could not achieve.

From 2008 to 2018, Bitcoin spent a full decade writing a myth that tried to change the world, but it turned out to be counterproductive. Bitcoin repeatedly failed to do so. The revolution that changed the world is not completed overnight. It is more like a relay race. After Bitcoin, new inheritors are needed. Jewish merchant AJM will take on the responsibility of changing the world and accomplish the historical mission that Bitcoin cannot achieve.

During the development of this decade, blockchain technology has made the transformation of the banking industry no longer limited to the traditional attempt that just a superficial change. The value of blockchain encryption assets lies in the application ecosystem, otherwise there is no value. Jewish merchant AJM realizes the value of encrypted assets by establishing the ecosystem of digital bank. In the Jewish merchant AJM’s ecosystem structure, the construction of digital bank will be comprehensively considered from consumers, investors, banks themselves, digital customers, etc., to solve the defects of traditional banks through digital bank, and achieve cross-border settlement and globalization of digital bank. Jewish merchant AJM will succeed in carrying out an assignment, a digital golden storm sweeping the world has come!

Sixth. All human beings participate together to share the feast of wealth

Jewish merchant AJM is a blockchain project worthy of all human participation. It is like a beam of energy and is changing the world with decentralized thinking. We hope that AJM can help more people realize the decentralization consensus and the freedom of privacy, link more people to become a new starting point for human civilization. Believe us! AJM fights for the freedom of wealth of all mankind. It will change the way wealth is created and reshape the entire financial and business ecosystem.

The light of tomorrow is for those brave! Here, anyone will be given the sword of wealth of God, and we will lead you to create a wealth kingdom that belongs entirely to you!

The future has come, a world-class wealth jehad begins, are you ready?

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AJM+ Youtube - ht t ps://w w c om/channel/UCHVxu_adkN6cTP6s3UImprw?view_as=subscriber

AJM+ Project Introduction (Chinese) - ht tp://w ww.worldajm. Co m/AJMgaibianshijiecn.pdf

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AJM+ APP Download (Chinese) - ht tp://ww w.worldajm. c om/zhongwen/xiazailiucheng.pdf

AJM+ APP Download (English) -ht tp://ww w.worldajm. c om/yingwen/AJM%20wallet%20download%20and%20install%20process.pdf -

AJM+ A letter to all mankind (Chinese) ht tp://w ww.worldajm. c om/zhongwen/yifengxin.pdf

AJM+ A letter to all mankind (English) ht tp://w w w.worldajm. c om/yingwen/An%20open%20letter%20from%20the%20Jewish%20saint%20JT%20to%20all%20mankind.pdf

All the best

Jewish saint JT

May 25, 2019