Wafcoin: Why can you treat winter as spring?


At the end of 2018, everyone was talking about the “cold winter” and the blockchain industry was no exception.

The token trading platform is one of the most powerful links in the current blockchain industry chain. The market competition is fierce and the evolution and innovation of its trading model has never stopped. The trading varieties, from the early days of bitcoin’s taking the lead to the current one thousand coins blossom; For the exchange pattern, from the early days of the few exchanges to today's thousands of exchanges to fight for supremacy.

The development of the market has brought more tests to the participants. At a time when there is a lack of heat and motivation in the market, for the trading platform, more efforts are needed to seek more development opportunities to cope with the current severe market situation. .

How does the Wafcoin Token Trading Platform, which was fearless for winter and broke out the ice, to survive and develop?

Putting the interests of the users first and take the service of the users as a long-term business, the first thing wafcoin thought about was compliance and legality. Founded in 2018 and registered in the British Virgin Islands, Wafcoin is a legally token trading platform with dual licenses. It is headquartered in Australia, it has independent operation teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India and other countries.

Wafcoin's professional leading fourth-generation blockchain technology, all-round operation, to build a future public blockchain trading platform based on the community consensus mechanism, to enhance the user service experience, spread the value of the blockchain, ensure that people all over the world can participate in the fair investment in a fair and transparent manner, making the token a new asset allocation, and at the same time promoting the landing application of high-quality blockchain projects and making social contributions to the development of the blockchain industry.

WAFCOIN adopts ODAT (Offline Dynamic Acceleration Technology) dynamic offline acceleration technology with proprietary intellectual property rights to develop a full cold wallet, which can provide efficient token circulation under the premise of protecting users' safety. The trading system can achieve a stable processing of 200 million-level matchmaking per second; Bank-level security encryption and multi-signature hot and cold wallet isolation to ensure the security of all user’s token.

In addition, WAFCOIN has the world's leading token and blockchain active monitoring system, which can monitor global token changes in real time. Through its unique neural network algorithm, combined with daily massive transaction big data, it can discover the potential risks of the token world in time. It can achieve millisecond-level risk control early warning, stop trading, and ensure the financial security of platform investors.

The reason why it can still be strong in the "winter", in addition to Wafcoin's own unique advantages, but also benefit from the platform's commitment to the practical service of the user. Wafcoin is about to usher in a new spring!

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