Professional and expert Deni Aryanto invites you to a seminar on the development of the cryptosphere: innovative sector of the economy, which becomes larger every year. Be one of the pioneers - start working with Weenzee!

You can explore our robotic trading system, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time: artificial intelligence, by using which sytem WEENZEE can instantly process terabytes of data using an advanced analytic algorithm.

The event will take several hours, during which time will be given to both the WEENZEE presentation and live communication with the speaker. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives. For your convenience and comfort you will be provided with drinks and snacks.

Date: March 29

Location: R. M. Sri Melayu, Palembang

Time: 19:30 to 22:00 UTC + 07

Speaker: Deni Aryanto

Contacts: 081348215878

Weenzee - we give new opportunities

The leaders of WEENZEE continue to organize conferences for people all over the world. The flow of new initiative employees, future cryptocurrency experts is increasing every day. This indicates the commitment of people to the ideas and goals of the WEENZEE community, that people see clear prospects for themselves and as a result receive a steady income from the project’s activities.

To enter the stream of earnings, it’s enough to come once at a convenient time for you and listen to a small educational lecture given by WEENZEE partners in your city or settlement.

The next educational meeting for the residents of the city of Depok is already scheduled. Remember the time and place of the meeting and get your opportunity for your decent life!

Date: March 31

Location: Santika Depok Hotel. West java

Time: 05.00pm - 09.00pm

Speaker: Mr. Prabu Daryanto.

Contacts: +6281324567077

Educational conversation will be held for refreshments and snacks.

The leaders of WEENZEE have begun to actively hold events in different cities of China. It was announced there that the conference for 100 people will be held in Linyi on March 31st 2019. More and more crypto-enthusiasts from China are interested in the WEENZEE project.

The scheduled meeting will be held in the format of a discussion with the professionals of the Weenzee team, on the topic of blockchain earnings and investments. Blockchain is becoming part of the global economy and it is very important to receive new and reliable information about the cryptomarket.

Each participant of the first-hand meeting will be able to learn every feature about the Weenzee project, bonuses to new users. Favorable conditions for cooperation will be offered to the team leaders: “Partner status”, training program and financing of events.

The meeting will take place a few hours, the participants will be offered drinks and snacks.Hurry up, the maximum number of participants is 100 people! For all questions contact the organizer: WeChat: wjshchm1009.

Date: March 31st, 2019

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Place: Hotel Jinhaiyu

Speaker: Jiang Rong

WeChat: wjshchm1009

We are waiting for you and your partners!

April begins with an important event in Indonesia. Investors' attention is focused on WEENZEE and project participants demonstrate unprecedented enthusiasm. People from all over the world are interested in an innovative and stable business platform that uses the most advanced “robotic bots” technologies embedded in the WEENZEE system.

Leaders actively develop the community, conduct events and educational trainings. Imran is an experienced partner of WEENZEE system, so we advise you not to miss the conference, which will be held on April 3 at Surabaya, at the Amaris Hotel. He will talk about the latest trends in the market and the achievements of the WEENZEE project, and will also show with real examples how to make money on cryptotechnologies

Also, the speaker will share forecasts and answer your questions. The meeting will last a few hours, so everyone will have the opportunity to chat with Mr. Imran. All participants will be provided with drinks and snacks.

Date: April 3, 2019
City: Surabaya
Location: Hotel Amaris (Jl. Kedung Doro No.1-3, Kedungdoro, Tegalsari, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur)
Time: 15:00 UTC + 07
Speaker: Mr.Imran (082199809998)

Looking forward to you!
As a decentralized blockchain wallet, TARK wallet, how to detonate the hotspot of market?​

The blockchain is already a new household term, and with the rise of blockchain, the widespread use of encrypted tokens, the frequency of use of blockchain wallets has also increased dramatically. Today, we will focus on the knowledge of blockchain wallets.

What is a blockchain wallet?

When it comes to "wallet",the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional physical wallet, a tool for storing cash and making it easy to carry paper money everyday. So what is the blockchain wallet?

As the name implies, it is also a tool for loading “money”, except that the blockchain wallet is for loading “token”, such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), etc., anyone with a token asset will use the blockchain wallet. Because the blockchain wallet is the most basic tool for storing and managing your own token.

There are also many types of blockchain wallets. In general, wallets can be divided into cold wallets and hot wallets.

The biggest feature of a cold wallet relative to a hot wallet is that it never touches the network, essentially it is a storage tool for private key.

In the token scenario, the user does not need to save his own token, but only needs to keep the password or private key, which is the private key. The transfer needs to be signed with the private key to initiate. The anonymity of the token determines that when the private key is lost you will lose the money. You can no longer prove that the account is yours, so keep the private key carefully.


The private key is actually a string of characters, such as: 5KYZdUEo39z3FPrtuX2QbbwGnNP5zTd7yyr2SC1j299sBCnWjss

Cold wallets can make this string of characters never touch the network, and after leaving the network hacker, it becomes difficult to be stolen, it is more secure. The specific method includes putting the key into the Android system, and the mobile phone equipped with this system cannot be connected to the network; or the key is stored in the chip, the hacker has to break the chip. Cold wallets include Ledger Nano S, Keepkey, Trezor from abroad; domestic Clodlar, Bepal, Btxon, SealBlock, Wookong, DRsafe, etc. However, it should be noted that the hardware needs to be used in conjunction with networking devices such as computers or mobile phones when transferring money.

After understanding the concept of cold wallets, hot wallets should be easy to understand. As the name suggests, hot wallet is a wallet that the private key touches network. The common form is mobile APP and computer webpage. The whole process of opening an account, generating private key and transferring money is also required to input the private key. Most people, of course, copy and paste. You can see that once someone hacked into your computer, it is very unsafe, so people who have a large number of tokens need to pay attention to this. Popular hot wallets include imToken, Kcash, Bitpie, MetaMask, My Ether Wallet, etc.

In addition to the hot and cold wallet, there is actually a wallet called a managed wallet. Simply put, the electronic wallet helps you keep the private key. The user only needs the account name and password. When the money is transferred, the wallet will retrieve the private key for signature. The advantage is that it is easy to operate, much like the logic of the exchange wallet. These types include Bixin, Cobo, and jxchain.

Hot and cold wallets are not in conflict, they may even be complementary. If you use the current banking system, the hot wallet is a cyber bank and the cold wallet is a USB key.

Understanding of the decentralized blockchain wallet: the private key is owned by the user and the assets are stored on the blockchain. The decentralized wallet is usually called the Onchain wallet. The private key is transferred to the user. If the private key is lost, the wallet will not be able to help the user to recover, and the funds will be lost forever. However, decentralized wallets are hardly subject to concentrated hacker attacks, users also do not have to worry about the inside job of the wallet service provider.

The centralized wallet is easy to understand. The managed wallet mentioned above is a centralized wallet, where users only need to remember their user name and password. This type of wallet is more convenient to use but there is a lack of security.

How do blockchain wallets make money?

钱包融资似乎是目前许多钱包的功能。钱包融资与支付宝推出余鄂宝有关。钱包用户的相应资产是短期内尚未准备好流通的资产。例如,Kcash可以访问定量基金企业Tokenmania提供的“OK PiggyBank”产品; GXChain的BlockCity可以访问“OK PiggyBank”以及贷款和融资平台LendChain。

这项业务是合乎逻辑的,但扩张的瓶颈在于金融市场并不完美,量化基金战略的能力有限,作为硬币圈中的金融超人,塔克钱包有自己独特的赚钱方式。 ,Tark钱包采用新模式来保护金融投资者的收入和整个钱包系统的长期稳定发展。

Tark Wallet和其他区块链钱包之间最大的区别在于分散和集中化之间的区别,即链匹配交易和数字匹配交易之间的区别。Tark Wallet拥有超越全球主流区块链钱包的先进技术,引入美国硅谷顶尖技术创新,开发多人合作管理功能,大大降低了用户象征资产风险的安全系数,创造了世界第一真正分散的区块链钱包。

基于用户资产的安全性,Tark Wallet创建了一个用于深度存储和管理用户密钥的数据框架,以及更高级别的安全性,以完全保护私钥的栖息地并构建全球开放的在线支付系统。我认为Tark Wallet是一款打开令牌和物理世界的钱包应用程序。它具有独特的交叉链和交叉合约技术,并结合其自身的高性能公共区块链,为令牌提供强大的基础架构。Tark支持各种区块链资产,包括比特币,以太坊和其他主流令牌,用于统一存储,管理和交换交易。用户不仅可以完全控制自己的数字资产,还可以大大降低令牌的管理负担,大大提高用户资产存储的便利性和流动性。


事实上,我们可以看到大多数现有的区块链钱包都有一个功能,例如:im wallet,主要功能是“转移”,“收集”和每日存款。


区块链钱包+财务管理,区块链钱包+交换,区块链钱包+商城,区块链钱包+娱乐,区块链钱包+ ......将形成新趋势,满足今年更多用户的需求。而区块链钱包凭借这项技术创新以及落地的人力和物力资源,到目前为止,只有Tark Wallet。

The Philippines persistently rushes into a bunch of countries, which economists call "Asian tigers." The main engine of the Philippine economic breakthrough becomes blockchain and progressive technologies. Thanks to the robotic technology, the WEENZEE system has gained popularity and is developing dynamically in the Asian market.

We are trying to do everything possible for this: we invite you to join this innovative business. We organize several events in the cities of Digos City and Davao City. Event participants will receive unique knowledge and the opportunity to apply them thanks to the WEENZEE project.

The theme of the conferences will be various digital assets, including cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Leaders from our team will talk about how to make money in this area, as well as share their thoughts and predictions for the future. Everyone will be able to learn in detail about the innovative project WEENZEE and about the features of its work and development.

We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, as well as ways to make money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it - come and ask questions: we will be happy to answer them. Do not miss your chance!


Date: April 3rd to April 5th, 2019
Location: Digos City (South Prince Hotel)
Time: from 2:00 to 7:00 pm
Speakers: Sebb Fernandez, Mark Antonio Navarro

Date: April 5th to 7th 2019
Location: Davao City (Red Planet Hotel)
Time: from 2:00 to 7:00 pm
Speakers: Sebb Fernandez, Mark Antonio Navarro, Benz Blas

Looking forward to see you!

WEENZEE does not stand still, project ideas spread throughout the world. We see more and more people willing to learn cryptographic technologies and develop the blockchain market. We invite such people to the project and guarantee them great prospects!

Many of our leaders work in Indonesia and want to train and help their fellow citizens achieve success. Representatives of WEENZEE travel around the cities and organize educational lectures for all comers. The leaders of Dato Din & Mr.Iqbal are now in the city of Pontianak. They will tell you about unique earning strategies and share their work experience. Such knowledge you will receive only in WEENZEE!

The event will take several hours, participants will be provided snacks and drinks. Also, the leaders will give exclusive souvenirs to WEENZEE. We are waiting for you: admission is free for all!

Basic information:

Date: April 3
Time: 04 pm - 08 pm
Contacts: 87777337042
South America is becoming another region where the WEENZEE project is actively developing. Already, we see the first results of the company's leaders: on April 4th, 2019 major events will be held in Rio de Janeiro and in San Paolo.
At the events, users will be able to exchange experience and skills in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and also will have the opportunity to start in the Weenzee system.
The WEENZEE system has a balanced investment program, stimulates the development of leadership networks and encourages partners for individual achievements and success of the team. The WEENZEE community allows you to meet successful people and become financially literate while improving your well-being.
You can join the revolutionary WEENZEE system, which uses the most innovative technologies in the world.
1st conference:
City: Rio de Janeiro
Date: April 4th, 2019
Time: 19:30
Address: Brisa Barra Hotel, Av. Lúcio Costa, 5700
Organizer: Thiago Tardivo
2nd conference:
City: São Paulo
Date: April 4th, 2019
Time: 19:30
Address: Auditórios Paulista 607
Organizer: Renata Mariah
The "era of competition of family background" of the token trading platform​

The tightening of regulation has not stopped the blockchain industry from moving forward. On the contrary, with the continuous improvement of the influence of blockchain technology and the continuous recognition of the bright future of the token economy, many business giants have been involved in this industry.

Just before the end of the first quarter of 2019, the three token trading platforms have received official trading licenses issued by the Financial Services Agency. One of them was acquired by Japanese e-commerce giant Lotte, followed by two additional capital increases; another fund-based token trading platform funded company including Japanese communications company IIJ and 18 other large Japanese companies that we are familiar with.

With such a strong backstage background, the insider can't help sighing,the token for compliance trading is entering the era of "competition of family background"?

The expansion of licenses is not a good thing for the token trading platform that have obtained the license, which has reduced the gold content of their strong cards. However, the driving force behind the development of the token economy is its monetary attributes, payment functions and investment potential. This is also the reason why the token economy can still develop vigorously under strong regulatory policies.

Therefore, if the token trading platform that has obtained the license wants to consolidate its own strengths, it should start from deploying the ecosystem and realizing a broader application scenario!

Wafcoin is registered in the Virgin Islands in 2018. It is the world's first token trading platform with dual licenses. Compliance and legality provide a solid foundation for the development of the platform.

At the beginning of 2018, the global bear market struck, and Wafcoin did not forget to build itself. The ecosystems of the platform is perfect, the scalability is high, and there are very good fan groups! The Wafcoin platform and platform token WA based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology has already deployed the GEP ecological plan on a global scale, bringing the blockchain into the 4.0 application era, and empowering the token industry to boost the digital economy! The birth of GEP led the industry to a new stage of development. The platform successfully held its first global summit in 2018 - the GEP Global Ecology Program Korea Station. The GEP Global Ecological Program consists of 21 global super ecosystems and 79 alternative ecosystems. The ecology that meets the number of registered transactions receive more generous equity and more substantial revenues than the traditional “trading and mining” model.

The ecological construction is in full swing, and the exploration of the application scene has not stopped. The Wafcoin platform has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the world's first cross-border e-commerce company, Newbuy Mall, which supports clearing and settlement. All the tokens circulating on the WA and the platform can be consumed in the mall, constantly stimulate the value of WA; WA will focus on real estate and tourism, marching in this new direction, further enhance the investment value of WA; In terms of cross-border payment, WA has also begun a comprehensive attack, providing users with more and better services.

The token economy is the biggest future of the blockchain. The development of the token trading platform can not only rely on "competition of family background", who can be king will subject to its future development!
Will you let it go if you can't afford a house when in love ? FAF ‘s (First Assets Financial) "Run for Love"​

Some people said that women can choose love before the age of 25, and women must choose a house after 25 years old. The reality is so cruel. Of course, many women are desperate to choose love. However, when you can't have both love and house, what do you choose?

If anyone can make a promise loudly for the courtship: "Although I don't have a house, but the sky is the quilt, the land is the bed, let this vast world come to be our bridal chamber!" And who would say yes to such a courtship?

Some people said that with a house, there is a place where you belong, that is the harbor of love. With a warm place, will love run away? The heavy reality is constantly challenging the purity of love: to buy a house, it must at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, after buying the house, we still have to decorate it, education, medical treatment and insurance, supporting the elderly ... all are students just enter the society from the campus. Dreamers who have drifted around the society for a few years, facing the high house price, just like the climber looking up at the unconquerable Himalaya - in the face of survival, love becomes a luxury, and some even make such a call: for the sake of love, please, will the housing prices stop rising?

Married to a house or a love? Is love and house really fish and bear palm,which we can't have both? In fact, it may not be necessary. When the night is quiet, thinking about it. Why can't you make money to buy a house? You'll find a reason. Today's society is full of opportunities, seize the opportunities,you will have both love and house.

Chain Plus Tourism builds a FAF (First Assets Financial) based on Blockchain 4.0 technology to create a decentralized global tourism and real estate platform. The services in FAF include hotel reservations, ticket reservations, scenic spot reservations, car rental reservations, social sharing, house property reservations, real estate transactions, investment immigration, and resource sharing. They provide more than a dozen projects, such as North American study tours, overseas livables, purchase of real estate, chartered cars and self-driving travelling, etc., and provide intelligent and digital services based on various scenarios such as sightseeing tours, honeymoon weddings, and official business visits.

FAF (First Assets Financial) uses blockchain technology to can directly interact with tourists, buyers and service providers, thereby eliminating reliance on intermediaries, resulting in higher quality products and lower prices, increasing supplier's responsibility for products.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is based on landmark buildings in major international cities around the world as investment targets. It combines the operation mode of AMC activated non-performing assets and Reits real estate securitization, we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding FAF, and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides.

FAF's continuous development of millions of customers is the main consumer subject, enhance the value of the property, create market reputation, effectively digest the bubble at the expense of the user, and share the huge wealth of the real estate value-added with the investors of the FAF (First Assets Financial). IT really implement the business philosophy of “What is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people”.

Speaking of this, you can understand that the house itself does not conflict with love. The woman in love does not care if you have a house now. They are afraid that you are a weak-minded person, and there is no hope to count on in your life. The FAF (First Assets Financial) is running for your love to restore the original look of love.
TARK wallet helps users to“seek advantage and avoid disadvantage” and directly touches the core requirements of the user​

What do blockchain wallet users really want? If you ask 100 people, 100 people will answer you: money! money! money! Helping users make money and helping users protect their money seems to be the point where every wallet is trying to promote. But when it comes to product features, does the wallet really capture the core requirements of users?

During the traditional tribal period, people gathered together just for better survival. At that time, whether it was Yao,Shun and Yu, the rulers of Xia and Shang, in more sense, were only the leaders of the Great Tribal Alliance. People choose them just because they can make themselves full, so the choice of the leader is never an inheritance, but a recommendation.

The finances of this time are still in a very primitive state - with barter. The tribe had something, and the tribe did not, so they exchanged each other in order to make full. The original attributes of finance were most evident during this period: survival. Men hunted food for women, women weaved for men's warmth, this tribe exchanged venison to another tribe, and that tribe exchanged bear paws to this tribe. This is the earliest social division of labor and the earliest form of finance.

At the same time, another hidden attribute of finance also plays an important role here, which encourages people to live together more concentratedly, and then there are giant tribes such as Xia and Shang. This attribute is: the guarantee effect of seeking advantage and avoiding disadvantage.

In our impression, we have always felt that the primitive tribes lived by plunder, and that they were concentrated together by the strength of human beings. In fact, no one can take the initiative to provoke a war (not including murder inside the tribe) where it can be obtained through transactions or peaceful means. Because no matter how tempting the outcome of the war is, people will cherish their lives more. What's the use in case you lose your life and get more material?

Therefore, the exchange between tribes and tribes and people and people during this period is relatively common. And the priests can achieve such a high status in the traditional tribes (even higher than the leader). In addition to people's respect for nature and the gods, there is another important reason: the priests act as the middlemen of people's barter exchange.

Exchange between tribes and tribes, people and people, How many kilos of venison can you exchange for a kilo of bear paws? How many shells can I change for a piece of clothing? If there is no middleman to coordinate, I am afraid that there will be no result in the day of negotiation. But the priest, as a spiritual leader of the people, can take on this "authoritative role". The concept of this "middleman" has evolved in the long history: the value of the issuing currency is guaranteed by the weight of copper and silver, the issuance of war debts is guaranteed by the war dividend, and the issuance of banknotes is guaranteed by state sovereign taxation. To develop into a modern society, almost all the time there is financial innovation, there must be a guarantee that is credible enough.

Survival instinct (mentioned later) + seek advantage and avoid disadvantage + guarantee, this is a problem that humans have attached great importance since ancient times. In the modern society, these principles have been completely evolved in another way. For example, if there is a mutual share guarantee between Japanese banks, no party can achieve the degree of monopolizing a company, thereby reducing human risk (avoid disadvantage). For example, if there is a large enterprise or a bank to make a guarantee on a specific investment, everyone will be eager to make a profit(seek advantage). On the contrary, everyone may consider it for a long time, and finally pull a few partners to invest together (avoid disadvantage).

As a blockchain wallet of financial products, it is obviously not in violation of the law of the depth of humanity: seek advantage and avoid disadvantages. As a wallet, the first is security, which is the most important (avoid disadvantage). Then it's convenient, letting the user complete the goal with a minimum of steps (seek advantage). In addition, if you can help users do asset management, there is a certain appreciation space, users are obviously willing to accept (seek advantage).

Let's talk about seeking advantage. At present, most of the wallets we see to help users do asset management are to help users analyze the flow of funds: the value of the coins in your hands has risen and fallen again; and better to help users connect to the exchange, dapp and other resources to make users more convenient to trade. But in fact, you will find out that these functions are all process indicators. It is not the purpose of the user to see the flow of funds. With this goal, it is the purpose to make money. It is good for users to do business better in their wallets, but the essence of the transaction is to make money.

Therefore, from the perspective of making money for users, how to design the function of “seek advantage and avoid disadvantage”? Here we introduce a blockchain wallet with great ecological value to see how it operates.

Tark Wallet is based on blockchain 4.0 technology, technically subverting the traditional blockchain 1.0-3.0 technology. The introduction of the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function in Silicon Valley in the United States has greatly reduced the safety factor of user token asset risk. Multiple protection mechanisms are safe and impeccable. Tark Wallet is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model to protect the user's token assets, really helping users "avoid disadvantage". On the other hand, the slogan known as the Tark Wallet is “Financial Superman”, standing on the point of making money for users, helping users to “seek advantage”.

Its technical advantages are reflected in the following four aspects:

1, blockchain 4.0 cross-chain storage

Using blockchain 4.0, a cross-chain token wallet that merges the double ecosystems of on-chain and off-chain surpasses the third-generation blockchain technology based on BTC, ETH, EOS and other mainstream tokens, and realizes a leap from blockchain 1.0 to 4.0, will meet the user's all-pass asset management needs with one click.

2, Fully isolated network

When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the non-networking mode. It builds the transaction and signature at the cold-end, and connects the network to broadcast the transactions at the hot-end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eliminating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

3, Seed + payment double password

Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, T-ark wallet strictly controls the payment extraction operation, and the seed password + payment password two password security management mechanism, to prevent asset theft and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, security Verification, delete when you are done.

4, Easy to operate, do whatever you want

T-ark (T-ark wallet) comes with high-configuration mobile terminal equipment, which can be conveniently carried by users, the ultimate hardware experience, convenient operating system, powerful online news and information functions, letting you grasp asset trading information and the trend of the token market, the investment is one step faster.

As a modern product, Tark wallet meets the needs of users from a deeper point of view. In the future, it will also be able to make wallet + sociality, wallet + entertainment, wallet + games, etc., directly touch the user's heart and meet the diverse needs of users.

5G is coming! Is your internal memory enough?​

As soon as the coming news of the 5G age comes out, which has shocked many people. It's like Pandora's box, and like a new world's gate, we don't know what kind of surprise it will bring us, but we are still full of expectations!

Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance. Do you know what G means in 2G/3G/4G/5G?

Many people think that 2G, 3G, and 4G networks are the differences in Internet speed. In fact, G refers to Generation, which means "generation". 1G is the first generation mobile communication system, and 2G, 3G, and 4G refer to the second, third, and fourth generation mobile communication systems, respectively. The definition of 1G-5G is mainly based on the speed, service type, propagation delay time, and various handover success rates to give specific implementation techniques.

The representative of the 1G era is the "cellular phone" in the hands of the elders. They can only make phone calls and the signal is not good.

The representatives of the 2G era began to increase. Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola dominated the game. They not only can send text messages, but also support WAP. They can easily access the Internet, but they are mainly texts;

In the 3G era, Apple and Samsung caught up from behind, and each launched a tablet computer. The rise of the mobile Internet and the coming of the era of graphic information have shown that the CDMA system has shown great potential for development;

In the 4G era, domestic mobile phones Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, and Xiaomi were evenly balanced with foreign mobile phones, attracting a large number of fans, watching videos on mobile phones, and the rise of WeChat video calls, accompanied by limited coverage and delays in data transmission;

In the 5G era, we will see commercial applications including Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and Smart Health care, artificial intelligence will play a huge role.

While admiring the power of science and technology to change lives, we also found such a problem: from 1G to 4G, mobile phone internal memory is getting bigger and bigger, but it is not enough. From tens of megabytes to 256GB, the capacity even catches up with a notebook.

Therefore, a high-quality, inexpensive, safe, convenient, fast, and large-capacity network disk has become an urgent need.

The emergence of the National Stone Chain Disk solved our troubles.

National Stone Chain Disk is one of the four series of products launched by Chain International Group. It is the first new cloud storage platform based on “blockchain technology + cloud storage” in China. It uses blockchain technology to build a center. The storage ecosystem divides data into multiple encrypted files for distribution to distributed networks. Because you have your own private key, you have your data. Unlike traditional data providers that can leak secrets, there is no company that can access or control your files, a decentralized data storage model in the true sense.

The National Stone Chain Disk is also a decentralized data center network. Compared with many other cloud storage platforms, the National Stone Chain Disk has the support of blockchain technology, which has higher security, lower operation, maintenance costs, better cost performance, better confidentiality, greater storage capacity, etc., to build an efficient and fast product experience for the majority of Chain Disk users.
Indonesia is becoming a full-fledged technology center for the whole of Southeast Asia. The number of themed events and exhibitions with major international players is growing. Being in the trend of the crypto industry, WEENZEE concentrates in the countries that are enthusiastically developing the blockchain technology and crypto market.
Members of the WEENZEE Community possess enthusiasm, charisma, teamwork skills and education in the blockchain environment. New participants can get these qualities that are important for any cryptoenthusiast at our meetings in Indonesia! Speakers DATO DIN & MR.HOKKY will share the knowledge, strategies and secrets of the bonus program for career growth in the affiliate network.
The event will last several hours with one break for snacks and drinks. After the meeting, you will be able to personally communicate with the speakers. Also, the leaders will give exclusive souvenirs to WEENZEE.
Date: April 6
Time: 4 pm - 8 pm
Location: Hotel Amaris
Contacts: 87777337042
Weenzee is a powerful tool for winning the crypto market!
WEENZEE announces the beginning of the work of the African region. We know how many investors and ordinary people are willing to join our community from the developing countries of the African continent. This important step opens a new era in the development of the company - cooperation with professionals from Nigeria.

The first conference will be held on April 13 in Lagos - the capital of Nigeria. Top leaders will present the project and talk about its benefits. WEENZEE is a business platform based on neural networks and trading bots that provide participants with a stable income system. Also, the speakers will explain the principles of work in the company, which allow combining training, conducting events and career growth.

Anyone who is interested in opportunities for financial success is waiting for the event. It will take several hours, with a short break for a light lunch. After the official part, discussions and answers to your questions from WEENZEE leaders await you.

Date: April 13
Time: 11 am - 4 pm
Address: The Vantage Hub, Mosesola House, 103, Allen Avenue, Lagos

Looking forward to you!