The last months have stood out rich in important and significant events for the WEENZEE project. We began work in South America: the leaders from Brazil organized the first conferences and TableTalks. A representative office of WEENZEE was also established in Africa, and in the Philippine Islands, project leaders set up a consultation center for participants.
After the events, the partners noted a huge positive feedback, interest in the system, growth of leadership structures and an increase in the total investment capital of the structures. WEENZEE sets the trend and continues to unite and improve the internal interrelations of the trading, investment and social platforms.
On April 27, WEENZEE organizes a large conference in Eaton Club Hong Kong for investors, leaders and top managers of the company. In the schedule of the event: a discussion of intermediate results of work, awarding the best leaders, discussion of prospects and development plans.
All guests of the event will be attached to the development of a strategy for further development and the exchange of tremendous experience in the promotion of investment projects. At the end of the main part of the event, the leaders who showed the best results will be awarded. Pleasant bonuses await the most active and promising. Moreover, among all the conference participants there also will be a drawing of valuable prizes for a large amount.
Full schedule:
14:00 - 14:45 Registration of participants
14:45 - 16:00 First session
16:00 - 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 - 18:00 Session Two
18:00 - 19:00 Discussion, live chat, buffet
19:30 End of the conference
The leaders of WEENZEE from Brazil are back in business! In this country, there are many crypto enthusiasts and we invite them to the community WEENZEE. At our meetings, everyone can learn something new and useful. Do not miss the opportunity not only to make money on the crypto market, but also to become a professional in this new area of the world economy.
In the schedule of the event: the theoretical part, a demonstration of the possibilities of WEENZEE and live communication with speakers. Yes, you can chat with experienced leaders and ask any question! Also, you will be provided with drinks and snacks.All in all, pleasant learning is guaranteed!
Brief information:
Date: April 16
Address: Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 2510 - condominio Bora Bora.
Time: 19:30
Speaker: Thiago Tardivo
Interaction with participants is a key link in the work of any project. This is especially important for us, since it is you who determine how actively WEENZEE will develop. Thanks to teamwork, each member of the community will be able to achieve success.
The WEENZEE team is trying to take care of the participants who cannot always attend a live meeting with our leaders. Therefore, we decided to announce the regular WEENZEE webinars. You can visit them from anywhere in the world! All you need is a stable Internet and a desire to acquire new skills and knowledge.
On the webinars, you will learn about the basics of the blockchain, what cryptocurrencies and tokens are. Also, Maurizio will tell you what ways to earn money in the cryptosphere exist and will show with real examples how you can increase your income using the WEENZEE business platform. Do not miss the opportunity to ask questions to a professional with many years of experience.
The webinar will be held on 16th of April on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time.
On the date of the next webinar, we will notify you separately, stay tuned!
An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project Weenzee. And we try to satisfy all your wishes and requests. Many of you ask us about additional trainings and Table Talks in cities where we have already been.
At the new event in the city of Sao Paulo, you will have the opportunity to learn our robotic trading system, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time: artificial intelligence, which can instantly process terabytes of data using an advanced read algorithm. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to have one’s question answered
For your convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks. Concept-meetings in Sao Paulo will be held weekly, every Thursday.
Brief information:
Date: April 18
Time: 19:30
Location: AV Paulista 807, 18 Andar Conj. 1801, Sala Domore
Speakers: Renata Mariah, Carlos Mesquita
Looking forward to seeing you!
The WEENZEE project accepts a large number of participants from a wide variety of fields of activity. System partners continue to conduct educational activities to increase financial literacy of users.
Also, positioning in the market of cryptotechnologies is very important for a business platform. Therefore, in order to draw attention to WEENZEE, we are launching a contest for the best text about the community, the project and its benefits. It will be held in several Korean media about the blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Since these media work in Korea, your article should be in Korean. In the text you can tell about your experience with the project, your impressions or just express your opinion on the development of WEENZEE on the blockchain market.
For the publication on each site you will receive 5 WNZ (that is, a maximum of 20 WNZ), as well as the opportunity to win 500 WNZ, if your text is the best. The contest will last a month. Every week we will award the best articles. The results of the competition we will summarize at the next major conference WEENZEE.
Send your articles to this address:
Telegram: @linaweenzee
Line: linaostrowski
WEENZEE - self-development and innovation!
The prospect and significance of the construction of AtoX payment system​

According to a report by Bitcoinist on April 11, an ongoing survey conducted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows that more and more people believe that by 2024, the token will become the most popular payment for daily consumption.

Token payment will become a world trend

So far, more than half of the respondents said they will use the currency to pay for lunch within five years. In nearly 26000 who vote to choose a payment, 56% chose the token payment and 29% chose the mobile payment.

As the token payment continues to be integrated into the mobile platform, some of these 29% may switch to payment. At the same time, the survey showed that the total number of people choosing cash and bank card payments accounted for 15%.

However, the continued development of the field of token payment means that the options offered by the IMF are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Merchants that accept token payment continue to grow

In many respects, token is an extension of the trend of cashless payments. As consumers pursue more convenient retail payments, this trend continues to grow steadily throughout the world.

As previously reported, a study by Kaspersky Labs showed that 13% of people in 22 countries use bitcoin to pay their shopping bills.

There are already many restaurants in the world that accept token assets to pay for meals. According to Coinmap, more than 14,600 institutions around the world accept bitcoin, which includes cafes and restaurants.

The advantages of AtoX payment

The AtoX network is a value network created based on blockchain distributed ledger technology. It is an open payment network that enables real-time transactions and settlement of multiple currencies on a global scale through AtoX distributed financial technology. Unlike Bitcoin's “mining” issuance mechanism, AXC uses the mode of delivery and purchase. AXC has the role of preventing malicious attacks and exchange media in AtoX. In addition, any currency can be exchanged with AXC to become a medium of exchange between currencies.

AtoX is derived from the fourth-generation blockchain technology, which is different from Bitcoin's consensus algorithm based on the mechanism of proof of work. AXC adopts a consensus mechanism based on the Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm, through the voting mechanism, through the transaction request, the transaction can be confirmed in a few seconds, thus the real-time cross-border payment can be realized. In addition, AtoX payment can shorten the trading cycle, achieve real-time transfers, improve settlement efficiency, with low cost and transparency, and enhance the liquidity of funds.

Rather than saying that AtoX's payment prospects are broad, it is better to say that the future of the token economy is bright. Individual development and industry progress complement each other, and the trend of the economy subverting the world is irreversible!
The meeting was held under the guidance of one of the top leaders from Brazil. In a friendly atmosphere, the leaders of the company discussed both global trends in the blockchain sphere and the development of WEENZEE.
Suggestions and ideas of the company were met with great enthusiasm. Conference visitors were interested in learning about an innovative and profitable project. WEENZEE motivates not only to earn, but also to engage in self-education and the development of useful skills.
All visitors had the opportunity to ask any question to the speakers from our team. Feedback and open communication with people who are interested in self-development and improving their wealth is very important for us.
Our leaders from all over the world will continue to continue to actively work and develop together with us and our investors! And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we recommend to see the photo report. And be sure to follow the news and come to the next meeting!
Photos from the event can be found in the gallery on our website.
The ideas of WEENZEE are actively discussed among all those who are interested in cryptotechnology! In Japan, the project is interesting for everyone: the mainstream media, bloggers, and ordinary people.
The opinion of crypto-community about our project is very important for the positioning and further development of the company. Only by relying on the opinion of ordinary people we can satisfy their needs and increase the income of all users of the platform. In their review, the authors talk about the Weenzee success formula, which is simple, ingenious and readable in all languages.
We are pleased that many celebrate the innovativeness of WEENZEE and its advantages. Thanks to such feedback, we can continue to lead the WEENZEE community to success. We are sure that even more informative articles about Weenzee will appear in Japanese and other world publications soon.
WA - born to solve the pain points of the tourism industry​

BlockChain + tourism is a new draught, which can effectively solve the pain points in the industry, such as mismatch between consumption and service, tourism experience and evaluation opacity, etc. in the tourism industry. While as a hot project in the world, WA use the incentive means of blockchain to reshape the value of the traditional tourism industry. It will further enhance the travel experience of every tourist and lead the healthy development of the tourism industry.

WA is the platform token of WAfcoin, the world's first dual-token exchange, which has issued 10 billion pieces worldwide and guarantees never to issue more. It is the best quality token assets with the lowest risk coefficient based on the real assets of the tourism industry. WA adopts the characteristics of BlockChain technology, such as trustworthiness, traceability, and global consensus, and will accelerate the intelligent development of the tourism industry.

The emergence of WA has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the traditional tourism industry. Compared with most project parties focusing on the BlockChain technology, the WAFCOIN platform focuses on the Token economic model. In the future, WA can be used to book travel services such as hotels, air tickets, train tickets, and other travel services, and to build the travel consumption ecosystems of the new production relations of blockchain technology and token economy.

The current projects are complicated and fiercely competitive. In a sense, Token is to break the monopoly of crowdfunding and establish new mechanisms and relations of production. Entering into 2019, the digital currency market began to calm down, air projects are gradually fading out, and the industry's fever has returned to rationality. The next wave after the air coin belongs to the token economy. In the next five years, it will be a year when BlockChain technology is truly combined with landing application scenarios and burst out.

WAfcoin always stands on the user's point of view to benefit the world. I believe that WA is bound to rise in the bear market and the future will be more promising!
Indonesia's leaders announced a new event for community members. An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project Weenzee. Especially for them, investors and leaders of the Community are trying to hold as many interesting and useful events as possible.
At the new event in the city of Yogyakarta you will have the opportunity to explore robotic trading system WEENZEE, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time. VIP investors will discuss the company's achievements and prospects for further development.
Everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to representatives of Community and discuss news and trends of the crypto market.

For your convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Date: April 21, 2009.
Time: 04.00pm - 09.00pm
Venue: IndoLux Hotel
Speakers: Mr Prabu, Mr Hans, Mr.Dennis
CP: +6281324567077
The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
On Friday, April 19, the topic of the online lecture will be the preparation of WEENZEE leaders. Together with the participants, Maurizio will analyze what social channels can be used to promote and how to attract enthusiasts to work on the project. Also, the speaker will give practical advice on what tools to use to create thematic videos and how to upload them to various platforms.
Participants will learn about all the nuances of the work of the leader and the prospects that company WEENZEE give to the participants. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on April 19 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time.

WEENZEE - discover the world of cryptotechnologies!
Partners of WEENZEE system are again in Thailand and Laos to develop together the WEENZEE community and achieve financial success for all participants. For two days, on April 20 and 21, the leaders will discuss and debate on the themes of the blockchain and cryptotechnologies.
At the events, users will be able to exchange experience and skills in the field of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and also have the opportunity to start in the Weenzee system.
The WEENZEE system has a balanced investment program, stimulates the development of leadership networks and encourages partners for individual achievements and success of the team. The WEENZEE community allows you to meet successful people and become financially literate, improving your well-being.
You will be able to join the revolutionary WEENZEE system using the most innovative technologies in the world. Information about the time and place of the event can be found below:
Basic information:
Main event date: 20th April 2019
Time: 4 p.m untill 10 p.m
Location: Ubonratchathani
Place: Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention Centre
Core leader meeting planning for market plan & new investor registration
Date: 21 April 2019
Time: 10 p.m until finish
Location: Ubonratchathani
Sunee Grand Hotel & Convention Centre
Key Speakers :
Mr.Ta 093-5163665
Mr.Tik 087-5926589
Mr. Tin 086-4564395
Mr.Panus 066-53457897
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A huge number of people from all over the world want to understand the blockchain technology and start earning, using advanced development Weenzee.
On April 11, 2019, the best specialists met at San Paolo to discuss Weenzee's robotic trading technology and cryptographic management strategy.
The event was attended not only by partners and leaders of the project, but also ordinary people who were not familiar with this topic, and left with a firm intention to continue working with Weenzee.
The zeal and enthusiasm of our colleagues from Brazil, which they emitted from a variety of photos of this event, instantly scattered across the Internet, made a vivid impression on leaders from other countries.
Without a doubt, this event will give a powerful impetus and allow us to continue active expansion into the blockchain sphere! The Weenzee community is growing, becoming multinational and large-scale.
Weenzee unites the whole world!

Photos from the event can be found in the gallery on our website.