Nakamoto, Jewish saint JT,great man of the era​
Over the long history, each era has its own great man!

A great man of an era is a spiritual monument.

A great man of an era is a flying flag.

A great man of an era is a great wall of steel and iron for a nation.

Times make great men, great men deserve times, and it is also the same in the blockchain world.

Ten years ago, when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and the global economy was in recession, the idea of a new type of cryptocurrency called Bitcoin was quietly brewing. In the past ten years, Bitcoin has been successfully transformed from an anti-authority trend to a multibillion-dollar market on the Internet. At the same time, it has evolved from a hobby of programmers to a household name.
The great man who created bitcoin is Nakamoto.

Nakamoto is the developer and founder of Bitcoin, a Japanese-American born in 1949. He is interested in collecting train models, has multiple secrets in his career, and has worked confidentially for large companies and the US military. In 2008, Nakamoto published an article in a mail group discussing encryption of information on the Internet, sketching out the basic framework of the Bitcoin system. In 2009, he established an open source project for the system, officially announcing the birth of Bitcoin.

Hans, the first programmer to use Bitcoin to buy pizza: a new peer-to-peer payment method

One day in May 2010, the weather in Florida was warm and sunny. The little daughter of the programmer and bitcoin early miner Laszlo Hanyecz was standing on tiptoe and reaching for the pizza on the table. The two pizzas were exchanged by Hanyecz for 10,000 bitcoins.
On May 18, 2010, Hanyecz first issued a transaction request on the BitTalk Forum, saying that he was willing to buy two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins from mining. For the first two days, most people were talking about how to get pizza to hanyecz's residence or it's worth or not to exchange 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. And even a suggestion was made for him to sell it at the Bitcoin market for $41 rather than to buy two pizzas. Four days after the request was issued, Hanyecz announced that he had successfully exchanged Bitcoin for two pizza with a user called jercos.

Probably no one thought at the time that the price of Bitcoin, which was almost worthless in the eyes of ordinary people, had soared to $20,000 in 2017, and that the two pizza had been worth $200 million, which was a shock to the world.

With the further development of the bitcoin market, the payment transaction has crossed the geographical barrier, so that the two parties do not need to make cash on delivery on a fixed occasion that using cash transactions; In that way, in the process of payment, a third party intermediary service provider such as Alipay is used to complete the transaction transfer. In the coin circle, May 22 was called "Bitcoin Pizza Day". Bitcoin enthusiasts use this day to commemorate how Bitcoin as an emerging payment method that subverts the traditional world's payment methods and walks into people's daily lives step by step.

Therefore, it is not excessive to say that Nakamoto has changed the world.

It may be little known that before the Bitcoin network was released, Nakamoto sent a private version to his family. This version is the bitcoin source code originally created by Nakamoto, because it seemed to have a completely different original block from the release of Bitcoin, which is most likely the original code of Ajm. Both are in the same way, and Bitcoin and Ajm are most likely from the same person.

Ajm is built by the Jewish saint JT. The Jewish people are the chosen people of God. In every process of changing the world, there are figures of Jewish. Nakamoto is very likely to be the core of the Jewish saints.

There are not many Jews in the world, about 16 million, accounting for 0.25% of the world's total population. It is a veritable "minority." But such a small Jewish nation not only has a lot of wealth, but their excellence is also well-known throughout the world.

There are many world-famous celebrities among the Jews, and people are familiar with them: Einstein, Freud, Chaplin, Picasso, Mendelssohn, Kissinger, Spielberg... Since the Nobel Prize was established, 22% of the winners are Jewish, which is nearly 100 times that of other ethnic groups.

Bitcoin has come to an end in ten years, and Nakamoto has used the previous decade to achieve a shining success of Bitcoin, so the Jewish saint JT will achieve a shining success of Ajm in the next decade.

Jewish merchant Ajm is like a dragon into the sea, it can help the global economy get rid of the current predicament.

Jewish merchant Ajm is designed by Jewish saint JT for the purpose of cross-chain asset transfer, safe and stable trading, protection of privacy, and resolution of financial pain points. Combined with the most advanced blockchain 4.0 technology, it is based on technological innovation and rich application scenarios to create a financial unicorn, achieving global cross-border settlement ecosystem.

In the next decade, the Jewish saint JT will surely subvert the era and add a heavy stroke in the torrent of history. We look forward to the future!

T-ark wallet and Jewish merchant Ajm had reached a strategic cooperation, globally, it will send you Ajm worth of 10,000 US dollars after your registration, the activity is unprecedented. The strong cooperation is bound to promote the transformation of the blockchain in the financial field, accelerate global payment transactions, and realize the ecosystem of global cross-border settlement.

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Marathon events in Brazil continues! Representatives of WEENZEE in South America announced a conference in the city of Natal. Participants will meet with team leaders in the comfortable Hotel Bello Mare Comfort.
All who come, waiting for training on the basics of cryptotechnology. This economic sector is gaining power and our company attracts professionals and experts from around the world. They will talk about the latest trends in the market and the achievements of the WEENZEE project, as well as show with real examples how to make money on cryptotechnologies.
Also, the speaker will share forecasts and answer your questions. The meeting will last several hours, so everyone will have the opportunity to talk with the leaders of WEENZEE. All participants will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Date: May 18
Time: 14:00
Location: Hotel Bello Mare Comfort
Address: Rua Pituba, 3165 Praia de Ponta Negra
Speaker: Mr. Tomas
WEENZEE - innovation and success are waiting for you!
WEENZEE partners continue to organize conferences and TableTalks with new users and Community members around the world.
In mid-May, the leaders of the WEENZEE team organize a series of meetings in Khongjiam. With each visit to such events, all Community members become cryptocurrency experts, thanks to the correct investment made using the WEENZEE robotic system, and receive a steady income from the project.
At the event, which will be held from May 17-19, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the achievements of the project, to take part in the discussion of the development and promotion of the Community in the region, and also to communicate with top leaders of WEENZEE from Thailand.
Educational conversations will be held for refreshments and snacks. For the details about the time of the meetings, please call the organizers.
Date: May 17-19
Location: Araya Resort Khongjiam Riverside
Time: 13:00 - registration
Contacts: Tai Tai Omelet (Line ID: 625495362)
Looking forward to you!
An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project WEENZEE. Community leaders hold events and open tables in different cities and countries. Each event is accompanied by the opening of new clubs, the formation of strong teams and a resounding success with new participants!
At the new event in the city of Xichang, each participant will have the opportunity to study the WEENZEE system, based on the most innovative technology of our time - a robotic trading algorithm that instantly processes terabytes of data. In addition to familiarizing themselves with the system, participants will discuss the development of blockchain technologies, investment programs and will be able to ask any question to representatives and leaders of WEENZEE.
Moreover, for all participants the leaders will draw many cash prizes. Take part in the lottery and win!
For convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks. Below you will find basic information about the event, as well as a link to register. Hurry up: the number of places is limited!

Brief information:

Date: May 21
Place: Beautiful Sunshine Kailong Hotel
Time: 13:30-17:00
Speaker: Tian Ming
WeChat: Z999BTC
The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
On May 21, the topic of the online lecture will be the psychological aspect of investing. Maurizio will tell participants how to overcome fear and calculate risks in order to earn and be calm about your investments. Many people are afraid of big money, but we will teach you how not to avoid them, but to use them correctly.
In general, everyone will be interested. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on May 21 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link:
You can find previous webinar recordings on the WEENZEE Italia channel.
WEENZEE - discover the world of cryptotechnologies!
Brazil is one of the developed countries that welcomes and actively implements blockchain in all vital industries for the state. Therefore, the team from Brazil is one of the most numerous in the project WEENZEE. Thanks to the active work of the leaders, every day new members join the Community. Conferences, table talks and events are organized for them.
The WEENZEE team announces a meeting on May 23 at 19:30 at Belem! At the event, the top leader Marco will talk about various ways to become a successful investor and increase financial literacy in the field of cryptotechnologies. Also, each of the participants will receive new strategies and learn how to make money using the WEENZEE business platform.
Space is limited, hurry to use this great opportunity. Only here you can personally ask questions to an experienced crypto professional. During the event you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Basic information:
Date: May 23
Time: 19:30
Location: Hotel Stada Hangar
Address: Av. Duque de Caxias, 1538
Speaker: Marco
One of the main rules of WEENZEE is the full support of partners in the development of new countries and regions. The development of the Asian market, including Japan, is a strategic direction in the development of the international project WEENZEE.
For two months, a lot of content about the WEENZEE project has been published on various Japanese Internet resources. The impetus for a wave of positive reviews, reviews of bloggers and publications in the media were new strong leaders interested in the project.
Having gathered a team of investors and network partners, the leaders of the Japanese branch of WEENZEE announce the holding of the first offline event, at which the WEENZEE business platform for crypto enthusiasts from Japan will be presented.
In a closed format, existing and new partners will be familiarized with the development strategy of WEENZEE in the Asian region, will hold discussions about the possibilities of integrating WEENZEE into the existing online / offline infrastructure, and discuss the advantages of the WEENZEE robotic system.
New “network partners” will receive appropriate status, financial support and guaranteed benefits! In order to become a member of an exclusive leadership meeting in your city - write in feedback on our official website, indicating your personal data and methods of communication.
Date: May 25
Time: 10:00
Contacts: Telegram ID: @bungalogic
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Dear friends!

Weenzee project has been actively supported by Japanese community

Our platform is getting more and more popular every day!

We totally support and highly estimate the work of our leaders!

Do not forget that soon Weenzee will celebrate 1 year launch event

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Let's cheer Weenzee leader of Thailand team Mr Maithai

Together with his team he sets up great event to educate new members!

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In many countries, Community leaders are actively working to attract participants, conduct educational meetings and talk about opportunities to improve well-being with the WEENZEE project. Every day more and more people visit leadership offices that are open around the world.
But at the same time, many participants living in cities and villages remote from financial centers and capitals need advice and recommendations from blokchain professionals. The optimal way to convey information to the masses is competent online reviews from our popular speakers and bloggers.
A new thematic blog in Japan posted information about WEENZEE. The author outlined in detail the essence and advantages of the project, and also shared his experience by collecting and stating it in the form of instructions.
WEENZEE - success and self-development!
Dear friends!

KOREA Weenzee leader organises a nice contest for his team

3 People who guess BTC rate on the 1 June will be rewarded

Ledger Nano X

Cobo Tablet

30 WNZ

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The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
May 28, the topic of online lectures will be personal development. We live in 4 different realities: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Each of them affects our success and the results we get. It is important to understand the causal relationships - this will tell you the Italian speaker Mauruzio.
In general, everyone will be interested. For a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that will help you in life!
The webinar will be held on May 28 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time.

WEENZEE - discover the world of cryptotechnologies!