The WEENZEE project has already interested and attracted a huge number of people all over the world. This is also due to the active actions of the international community of crypto professionals who promote the possibility of making money through the use of WEENZEE technologies through multiple Internet channels.
We have collected for you the most interesting internet materials about WEENZEE in South Korea. Just click on the links and read each one of them!
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Weenzee community has now more than 500 000 active members from over 20 different countries

Less than in a year Weenzee project reached incredible results.

Weenzee is the one and only blockchain platform for common asset management backed by AI robotic technology.

✨Weenzee AI is a unique algorithm which was created by our team of developers.

This technology gives opportunity to get up to 1.2% of daily profit

❗️Now everyone can easily become Weenzee member.

❤️Leaders who perform best results will be awarded and invited to the 1 year Weenzee anniversary in October 2019.

This event will be truly epic. We estimate that by that time Weenzee membership will hit 1 million members

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2019-05-30 00.35.04.jpg
Dear friends!

We are happy to announce the first Weenzee event in Italia, Rome

⚡️Maurizio Pilloni with his team will represent our unique platform to new members and investors

✨Local meetings have alreadt started
Check it

20th June 2019 in Rome will be a full-scale event

Weenzee community is one of the biggest blockchain communities.
We are gathered with common ideas, asset, profit and goal

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2019-05-31 13.42.52.jpg
Summer is not a reason for laziness! Brazilian leaders continue to work for the benefit of the entire global WEENZEE society and hold events for you. Together with the participants of the WEENZEE project, they determine the vector of the global development of the company and attract new crypto-enthusiasts.
On the 6th of June WEENZEE for the first time will be in the city of Apucarana, the state of Parana, Brazil. We received a lot of requests from people from this city and we hasten to satisfy them. If you are one of them or you are just interested in the blockchain theme, be sure to come to the meeting. You will listen to an interesting lecture on the basics of cryptotechnologies and you will be able to communicate with professionals in this field.
Throughout the event, you will be provided with free Wi-Fi, snacks and drinks, so that training takes place in a light and relaxed atmosphere. You can prepare questions and ask them to the speakers after the main part of the event.
Basic information:
Date: June 6, 2019
City: Apucarana
Address: Rua Osório Ribas de Paula (Building. Millenium 94.)
Time: 19:00
Speakers: Reinaldo Alves, Cladio Ciuffa
Contacts: + (5543) 999309632
Looking forward to you!
Dear friends!

✅We have great news to share with you! One more store started accepting WNZ

Philippinese Online Store Accepts Payments in WNZ

MPC My Olshoppe

Weenzee attracts members, investors, merchants and leaders from all over the world!

Next goal is 1 million active Weenzee members! Let's make it togther for the common success and profit

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Dear friends!

You might me intrigued about the upcoming Weenzee anniversary❗️

Weenzee team is ready to reveal all the secrets this week

✨You will learn✨

✅How to attend the celebration event in Dubai
✅How to get invitation for all 3 days
✅How to achieve sponsored VIP tickets
✅What will be the agenda for 3 days
✅Who is invited

October 2019 will be great

Check the news on the website for more details this week

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2019-06-03 11.20.08.jpg
The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
June 4 - the topic of the online lecture is self-development to achieve wealth. Few people know that businessmen and investors have a special type of thinking. If you can work hard on yourself, you can work it out - the leader of WEENZEE Maurizio Pilloni will help you.
In general, everyone will be interested. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on June 4 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time.
You can find previous webinar recordings on the WEENZEE Italia channel. Subscribe!
WEENZEE - discover the world of cryptotechnologies!
Dear friends!

Weenzee leaders are actively involved in the development of our platform!

✨Each day they conduct educational events, seminars, workshops, webinars, post, write articles and many more

That is why over 500 000 people have already joined Weenzee!

Most active leaders will be rewarded

Check the series of articles from Korean blogger about Weenzee

And the website made for Korean team

Now it is easier to become Weenzee member

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2019-06-04 21.37.43.jpg
Dear friends!

We would like to share some useful information!

May 2019 was financially successful and productive! We did great

Weenzee Earnings Report:

April monthly income 30.45%
May monthly income 31.93%

✨Daily statistics May 2019
1 May - 1.15%
2 May - 1.04%
3 May - 1.01%
4 May - 0.98%
5 May - 0.93%
6 May - 0.92%
7 May - 0.92%
8 May - 1.15%
9 May - 0.91%
10 May - 0.96%
11 May - 0.99%
12 May - 0.89%
13 May - 1.09%
14 May - 1.17%
15 May - 1.03%
16 May - 1.1%
17 May - 1.16%
18 May - 1.21%
19 May - 1.22%
20 May - 0.95%
21 May - 0.87%
22 May - 0.91%
23 May - 1.01%
24 May - 1.03%
25 May - 1.13%
26 May - 0.98%
27 May - 0.98%
28 May - 1.23%
29 May - 0.89%
30 May - 0.92%
31 May - 1.19%

Calculation is based on portfolio with the following conditions:

✅WeenB member status
✅ 90 days term
✅1000 WNZ

Join now and open portfolio to start earning with Weenzee

2019-06-05 15.17.15.jpg
There are more and more supporters of the WEENZEE business platform in Japan, thanks to the active work of community leaders. In all regions of the Land of the Rising Sun, new teams are formed and meetings are held with the participants.
You have the opportunity to personally learn about all the advantages of the innovative project WEENZEE, modern technologies and the latest algorithmic bots, allowing participants to receive a stable and permanent income. In WEENZEE, a large number of types of cryptocurrencies are available for investment, and a fairly wide range of portfolios for opening deposits has been implemented.
You will learn about this, as well as the possibilities of personal development and building your own career, at table talks with representatives of WEENZEE. Come, ask and develop.Those who register during the event will receive a bonus of 10 WNZ. Events will be organized on Tuesdays, once every two weeks. The first event will be June 10th.
Brief information:
Date: June 10
City: Tokyo
Place: Tully's Coffee
Address: リ ー ズ コ ー ヒ ー プ ラ ラ 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座 銀座
Time: 7:30 - 9:30
Join WEENZEE and achieve success!
The Weenzee team, together with the partners of the system, continues to actively open WEENZEE offices in Asia. The activity and enthusiasm of the participants from China motivated the leaders to open another WEENZEE center.
In a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the top leaders of the WEENZEE Community hold training conferences and seminars where they discuss prospects and strategies for obtaining maximum income on the crypto market using the WEENZEE robotic system. Speakers in a simple and accessible manner explain to the participants the basics of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and also demonstrate the work of the personal account.
Great experience and creative approach are demonstrated by partners from China. By their example, they stimulate the scalability of the WEENZEE system and its community!
The new office is located at: Taihu International Expo Center, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province A-2008

Open an office in your country and succeed with WEENZEE!
Together with the development of the project, our website is also developing. A convenient online calculator, news section, as well as a gallery and a “video” section are available for all participants. And in the sections “About WEENZEE” and FAQ, every user can learn more about the work of the business platform. WEENZEE is a modern, innovative company with unique advantages and we want every participant to understand all the details.
However, much remains to be done and the leaders of WEENZEE continue to develop the project. Programmers fix bugs daily and work on adding new features. For example, recently added push notification function. With them, you will receive all the necessary information about the latest news.
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Weenzee gives unique opportunity to develop your career within our platform

✅ 8 Statuses
✅ 8 levels of referral comission
✅ daily team turnover bonus
✅ access to exclusive team events
✅ promotion and marketing budget
✅ personal support manager

Want to become a leader of Weenzee?

Each Weenzee leader earns approx. 1000 WNZ daily

Join now! weenzee.com

Our coordinators will help you and give advices of marketing directions

It is very easy to earn big money with Weenzee

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We are proud to announce that weenzee.com is in the TOP 400 of world websites about "finance"


Because 600 000 people are members of Weenzee platform with active portfolios.

✅Each portfolio brings you monthly up to 30% passive income

Besides there is
referral bonus
daily team bonus
status bonus

Weenzee is created as the most technologically advanced common asset management platform

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2019-06-10 15.48.03.jpg
Dear friends!

In Korea people are already paying with WNZ!

The first restaurant began to take our cryptocurrency.

Restaurant name: 한우 국밥
Address: 화성시 팔탄면 구장리 113 ~ 11

Soon you will be able to pay for any purchases using the Weenzee system!

WEENZEE - a company where you can:

earn money
invest your fund
use innovative technologies

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