What coin do you want charted and analyzed?


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Apr 2017
Within this Price Predictions section, specific coins are given dedicated discussion threads. This allows a thread to be updated with the latest charts, technical analysis, and any notable events and timely updates. I have been creating new threads based on some of the coins I'm looking at, but now I want to help others with some of the coins they're looking at.

What coin are you interested in?
If there are any coins you want to see charted, please make a post within this thread with these three things:
  1. What is the name of the coin?
  2. What is the ticker symbol for the coin?
  3. Why are you interested in this particular coin?
If someone else has posted a coin you're interested in, you don't need to make a new request. Please "like" their post with a thumbs up, to let us know what coins the community is interested in.

And I will check this thread when I'm online, and I will create a dedicated Technical Analysis thread with basic charting and analysis, from my point of view, to include anything good or bad that stands out. Only requirement is the coin must be a cryptocurrency, since this is a cryptocurrency forum.

May 2021
1) Bitcoin and Fanton price prediction please
3) As i've invested in this coins i want to know the future price


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Apr 2017
Since the previous price predictions are no longer relevant, I've closed/archived previous discussions in this section of the forum.

This allows us fresh price prediction discussions for Bitcoin and altcoins.


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