What Did Satoshi Nakamoto Do Other Than Inventing Bitcoin

Aug 2nd 2019
On January 3 2009, the genesis block of Bitcoin was created. Embedded in the coinbase of this block was the classic quote:

“The times 03/Jan/2009 chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

On this day, Bitcoin officially came into this world, and 10 years later, Bitcoin and the anonymous developers behind it have become ever-lasting legends.

Speculations about the geeks’ identities have continued unabated, and so far, it is clear that Bitcoin was created by a group of people, not a single person. The group leader, codenamed Satoshi Nakamoto, is a core member of the cypherpunk group whose mission is to protect the privacy of individual humans.

Why Look for Mining Sites?

Bitcoin mining is booming today, even the retailer of mining rigs can get listed on Nasdaq in the United States. However, in the early days of Bitcoin, mining was not as popular as it is today. Only Bitcoin developers were involved. So, if you look through the addresses of the earliest on blockchain, you’ll see what’s going on with these early geeks.

On January 13, 2009, 10 days after the Bitcoin creation, a Bitcoin address starting with 1G582FH successfully completed a block and obtained 50 Bitcoin as a reward. Since then, this Bitcoin address has never welcomed any new mining revenue, and that 50 Bitcoin remain untouched, even when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed to about $10,000, still no record of transfer. We can assume that the owner of this address is one team member of the early BTC dev team.


On February 15 2019, one day after Valentine’s Day. This address (starting with 1G582FH) imported its private key into a wallet of VDS, initiated its Genesis VID (aka a personal account of VDS user), and continued to use the wallet from time to time in the following months. Till now, his VID account is still in active usage.


What is VDS? What’s in it for the BTC dev team?

Perhaps it is because VDS has reopened the channel for anonymous transactions, pushing the decentralized transaction to a new level. Or because the underlying technology of VDS is road-ready, to perfectly integrate all advanced blockchain technologies on the market into a complete community with a high degree of autonomy. Or, because VDS utilizes blockchain technology to integrate inter-personal networking, provide users with comprehensive access to information privacy, and fuse together interpersonal relationships with business architecture, giving cryptocurrency a new application model.

Bitcoin has managed to decentralize the transfer of money freely. Unfortunately, centralized institutions are still trying their best to set restrictions. VDS’s unique one-way BTC to Vollar exchange, aka resonance technology, is combined with the anonymous trading technology of zero-knowledge proof, has set off directly to the freedom of wealth. Bitcoin users only need to import the private key of Bitcoin into VDS wallet to generate a VDS address with the same set of private key, convert Bitcoin to Vollar through Resonance trade, and then regain privacy and freedom of wealth through the anonymous means of zero-knowledge proof. Bitcoin users are also allowed for OTC transactions in exchange for any world currency at any time through the anonymous network in their wallet, to realize anonymous, barrier-free currency exchange in a real sense. After a series of operations, the privacy and freedom of your wealth is obtained.

In addition to Resonance Trade and anonymous transaction, VDS is also a dual wallet of both BTC and Vollar, with functions such as secret chat, decentralized exchange, VAD, super master node, VID fission, smart contract, etc. It has opened a new era of multi-functional and multi-dimensional blockchain, under the premise of decentralization.

VID is the proof of identification and passport in the ecology of VDS. A Genesis VID is the source point where VIDs originated from. A BTC user only need to import the private key of BTC address with more than 0.1 Bitcoin on it so as to obtain a Genesis VID. With a Genesis VID, you’re accessible to create a brand-new interpersonal network of high-level privacy, and build your own financial empire under this financial model.

The original intention of Bitcoin is to explore decentralized finance. The advent of VDS has endowed cryptocurrency with circulation demands and application scenarios. On the road back to Bitcoin privacy, VDS has explored diversity of cryptocurrency circulation, broken through the bottleneck of crypto industry where it is difficult to find application demands, and provided a feasible path for more people who value privacy.