What do you think about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has to be a speculative investment or a currency weaken a global financial system full of injustice are trying to destroy Bitcoin?
"When it was created in 2009, Bitcoin surpassed all currencies, even with the government itself as hostile to it, and the uncertain legal regime that governments have created to manage it. The way people can not predict what will happen. So its present value can reach this level as has been great, since the fact that it only faces headwinds without tailwinds. Every government around the world is trying to find a way to stop and destroy Bitcoin."What do you think about this?
Bitcoin is a decentralized advanced cash or digital currency and worldwide payment system. It is a world's first open-source decentralized advanced digital currency. It was produced by Satoshi Nakamoto, who distributed a related paper in 2008 and released it as open-source programming in 2009.

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