We at Bitssa.com believe that nobody has seen the future. And that is why it is extremely important to learn and understand the hidden factors which could cause Bitcoin’s price to increase in the years to come. There are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that were introduced after Bitcoin but failed to gain the traction and apparently have stayed in the dark. This is enough for us to understand the fact that Bitcoin is very much different from other cryptocurrencies whose value rose to thousands of dollars from literally nothing. Understanding what this means is important for a fruitful investment in Bitcoin.
As of now, there is no hype or speculation. The Bitcoin market is very much matured and the prices are moving at a moderate speed. Of course, the prices of Bitcoin are witnessing a substantial growth, faster than various stocks. As a matter of fact, these gains are very much within the province of reason.

These balanced and sensible gains should continue in the future as well. Of course, this is not wishful thinking instead we're taking into consideration of the slow supply of Bitcoins in a combination with the rising authority of the currency and its expanding adoption by people around the globe.
In general, as a rule, the bitcoin rate is growing at the end of the year. Therefore, probably, everything can change in the last months of 2018.

Petros Anagnostou, another businessman who ventured to invest in crypto currency, answered the question "when will bitcoin grow?" As follows: he believes that by 2020 the price for the asset will be from 55 to 100 thousand dollars.

Jameson Lopp and does predict the price of 250 thousand for one coin for a similar period. A fairly ambitious statement is based on the study of fluctuations in the exchange rate over the past 7 years
Bitcoin (BTC) has risen out of the times of humble beginnings to wind up a madness to figure within the worldwide money related industry. By augmentation, this implies digital currency dealers and financial specialists can accomplish more than purchase and offer cryptographic forms of payment. Cryptographic money subsidiaries are presented in the photo as Bitcoin prospects.

The currency spreads around the world and therefore the demand for coins is growing. Therefore, raising and lowering the rate is quite natural. And even on this, each of us can earn if we analyze the market correctly
When asked if BCH can create competition for LTC, I think that BCH has two advantages here: a large user base and open scaling. The BCH database is almost the same as the BTC user base, and BCH supporters are more active than LTC supporters. These supporters will be able to persuade wallets and stock exchanges to support BCH.
I read it here what I said... and I think it's pretty accurate. I mean, BTC will be always at the top capitalized crypto. Probably Ripple might be the second one...
BUT we all know that the BTC is limited, that is, you think that in the near future we will feel a sharp shortage of coins