What part does Birdchain play in the shared Economy ?


What part does Birdchain play in the shared Economy ?

Birdchain is developing a Multi-purpose Dapp which will Revolutionize two main industries, that's the advertisement industry and the A2P SMS industry. The Birdchain Dapp Currently has a revolutionary advertisement platform where an advertiser can run ads on Birdchain platform and get real human interaction to his/her ads, be it youtube chnnels or videos, photos or any Websites Including ICO projects. And also there is an Instant messaging feature that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn Crypto! The Birdchain service lets mobile phone users automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. The SMS feature will be release this Q2, 2019, this means the project and token value may multiply in value.

Now the big questions goes, what does Birdchain play in the shared Economy ?

Birdchain, also has noticed something — an opportunity that has been left unused. Just as so many people and companies before (and after) us.

This is why Birdchain is developing an instant messaging app, which also serves the purpose of automatically selling unused SMS messages to companies and earning a passive income.

Are you wondering how this can be possible ?, Most of mobile plans offer free SMS messaging services. Yet with internet being accessible almost anywhere, SMS messages are rarely sent anymore. This means enormous amount of SMS messages are left unused every month.

But there is someone that could benefit from those unused messages — businesses who are in need of A2P SMS services (A2P SMS (Application To Person SMS)). Currently the prices OF A2P SMS are high and keep increasing and at the same time the quality of this service A2P SMS is going down. Birdchain is now going to make it possible for you to sell that your unused SMS and earn real income from that.

There is a good news for everyone now, Birdchain token is very cheap on idex ( idex.market/eth/bird ) still below a penny, Buy as many as possible, for the price you see now, you may not see it again in the future.

Buy birdchain now on idex why it's still less than penny.


Birdchain Official group:: t.me/birdchainchat

Birdchain official website:: birdchain.io/

Birdchain Whitepapper:: github.com/Birdchain/whitepaper-business/blob/master/README.md

unofficial birdchain tutorial group:: t.me/earnfreecryptodail

If you don’t know how to buy Birdchain token on Idex, watch the video below for more info.