What's stopping crypto from mass adoption?

The crypto space is not very noob friendly: bitcoin and blockchain are complex daunting topics; cryptocurrencies themselves are not very user-friendly; and the cryptocurrency space has gathered a bad reputation for being filled with scams. A small mistake sending coins from your wallet can cause you to lose your money and ruin your experience. So, while everyone has heard about blockchain and bitcoin, people are not only unsure how to get started, they are also faced with these high barriers to entry.

TokenTuber’s mission is to lower the barriers to entry to the cryptocurrency space so that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies can be achieved. On TokenTuber you can learn and educate yourself on everything you need within the crypto space. We will hold your hand and guide you on your journey in the crypto world. Not only that, you can also earn your first cryptocurrency and trade it with absolutely no cost.

We are looking for global partners to make this vision become reality! Feel free reach us via contact@tokentuber.com


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