Where you get latest bitcoin news every day ?

Hello I am new in crypto but I have goal to make my digital dental lab Smile Energy ( I all ready own it for 15 year and last two year start renew it in full digital protocol and now I need more money to finish it actually about 50 000 eur ) in Lviv ,Ukraine very big and with good quality product , if some body want invest or help me will be very thankful ! My valet for ETH 0x2750cc45af6041dd23bc527de04648508cc42d68 I dont promise any think jus I can tall that I will help poor children in my city and can return it in 5 -10 year . If some body can help me my FB profile Serhiy Hrybovskyy or Smile Energy Academy!
I work as a Vietnamese voice over artist, so my clients sent me script to do voice over in Vietnamese...That's how I get news on concurrency haha. Anyway if anyone need voice over in Vietnamese please let me know. We have male, female, northern and southern voice talents. Thanks.
hello, I'm new to crypto, bitcoin & co (although time flies and I'm getting better :D).. was also lately searching for cryptocurrency news portals / websites etc.... twitter is also a nice source I think, but personally I like to use Crypto News Trends (it was mentioned in the thread already) but actually I think you just need to google crypto news and you will definitely get what you need, and not only that ;) and, finally, also forums are a really grid source of news as people share a lot of articles :)
Let me explain you all in some more details as follows:-

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges


A Cryptocurrency Exchange is a platform in which you can exchange either your fiat currency (being your Great British Pounds, American Dollars, Euros, etcetera) or other Cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) into the Cryptocurrencies available on the exchange.


The cryptocurrency revolution has taken the entire world by surprise and further changed the dynamics of the financial markets around the world. In 2017, Bitcoin and other digital currencies witnessed a phenomenal surge in their prices, resulting in the massive growth of the cryptocurrency market. That’s primarily why more and more investors are now keen on finding out the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchange for trading their preferred cryptocurrencies. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the leading top 10 best cryptocurrency exchange for you that are ideal for buying and selling your cryptocurrencies.