Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?


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Apr 2017
It depends on how comfortable you feel with a long term investment strategy. What kind of time frame are you willing to make your investment(s)?
Currently also thinking about that as, like you already mentioned, there are ENDLESS cryptocurrencies and you really don't know where to begin (in the learning process as well as in the investment process :D)... what do you guys think about bitcoin or the future of bitcoin? well, would be also thankful for some tipps in which cryptocurrency to invest.... :)
Totally true, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies to invest to. I mean, how can you possibly choose? But as for me, I kind of wanted to take a leap of risks. I decided to invest on a coin (euncoin from euncoin. com) that is new. Well, if you don't want to invest directly they've got some things that will make you receive free coins without even giving them money or something.
You need to invest only in those projects in which you are sure, otherwise you may fall for deception. Of course, in this case, risks are indispensable, but they can be minimized by investing in reliable coins.

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