Which small cryptocurrencies are worth investing in?

For every person who wants to make money by investing in or trading in cryptocurrencies, it is necessary and crucial to have some cryptocurrency analysis techniques. Cryptocurrency investment is similar to stock investment. Before you enter the investment market and invest in real money, it is necessary to understand and master certain basic knowledge.
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Cryptocurrency analysis: What is a cryptocurrency?

At present, most of the cryptocurrencies in the market are all based on blockchain technology. The essence of the blockchain is a distributed database protected by encryption algorithms. This means that the data originally stored in a centralized database and its value composition will not be controlled by a single node. This also makes the cryptocurrency produced more secure because the failure of a single node has little effect on the overall system operation. The cryptocurrency is not constrained by a single node to make it more valuable. Why?

Bitcoin can only be issued through mining, and banknotes can be printed and issued by the central bank at any time (controlled by the government), so when the supply of banknotes increases, its value decreases (depreciates).

The cryptocurrency must serve a larger market or solve real-world problems in order to reflect its value.

For example, if we consider insane coin (ANSANE) as a platform similar to ETH, then it is also convenient to deploy applications on it. However, ANSANE is faster than ETH platform. Obviously ANSANE solves the problem of slow ETH transactions. The problem, which means that ANSANE's application market will be more extensive.

Small, low market value Altcoin is worth considering

In the end, you can invest a small portion of your assets in low-value banknotes. They may have great development, for example, SUR currency, ICN currency, PAY currency, GNO currency and so on. However, these currency risks are greater, so choose carefully.