Why Are Indian Bitcoin Prices Higher Than International Prices?

All the economists and investors should know that Bitcoin prices in India are quite higher than Bitcoin prices in other countries. Some people think that Bitcoin holds same universal value throughout the world, but that is not true. The value of Bitcoin keeps on changing for different countries. These prices vary particularly according to exchanges in the various countries.

Pricing of Bitcoin depends significantly on some factors like the volatility of the market, international prices and stock levels, aggregate demand as well as supply in India.
Interesting question. Not sure about country to country having differences, but...

When trading Forex you'll see a difference, brokerage to brokerage. Since Forex isn't done on an exchange, there is no one single price. Brokers work with banks (and possibly other brokers) to have a market for us. This network doesn't necessarily talk with other networks, so the prices can be different.

From my understanding, crypto works basically the same.

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