Will Bitcoin be eliminated one day? Discuss the future of encrypted assets

Will Bitcoin be eliminated one day?

Some people said that the electronic money will eventually eliminate the physical banknotes. Nowadays, paperless payment has already completed this step. Many small partners go out to check out the bills. From the past to the wallet to the current mobile phone, the scan code payment has become the mainstream. Shopping malls and restaurants basically support paperless payment. In addition to the roadside grocery stores, the roadside fruit'stand have basically completed online payment, and even the tramp's begging with two-dimensional code has become a reality.

In the process of communication with small partners, I lament that technology is developing too fast. In combination with the blockchain industry that is currently engaged, Bitcoin has been in the past 10 years. In the past 10 years, the blockchain industry has also gained The big development, as the creation encrypted asset, Bitcoin has also experienced the entire development process of the blockchain industry, some people are very curious, bitcoin has developed to the present, is it possible to replace the QR code payment into a normal payment in the future? Means? Will it eliminate other payment methods in the future, or be eliminated by more advanced payment systems or blockchain technology?
Bitcoin has been going through a full decade since its creation. In fact, in the history of science and technology, ten years is not a long period of time. Traditional technology has gone from invention to maturity to commercialization for several years and for decades. But for the electronics industry for Moore's Law, the cycle is much shorter, and Bill Gates's phrase "We are only 18 months away from bankruptcy" is also the reason for this.

AJM realized the globalization of digital bank and completed the historical mission that BTC cannot achieve
From 2008 to 2018, Bitcoin spent a full decade writing a myth that tried to change the world, but it turned out to be counterproductive. Bitcoin repeatedly failed to do so. The revolution that changed the world is not completed overnight. It is more like a relay race. After Bitcoin, new inheritors are needed. Jewish merchant AJM will take on the responsibility of changing the world and complete the historical mission that Bitcoin cannot achieve.

During the development of this decade, blockchain technology has made the transformation of the banking industry no longer limited to the traditional attempt to change the soup. The value of blockchain encrypted assets lies in the application ecosystem, otherwise there is no value. Jewish merchant AJM realizes the value of encrypted assets by establishing the ecosystem of digital bank. In the Jewish merchant AJM ecosystem structure, the construction of digital bank will be comprehensively considered from consumers, investors, banks themselves, digital customers, etc., to solve the defects of traditional banks through digital bank, and achieve cross-border settlement and globalization of digital bank. Jewish merchant AJM will not disgrace the mission, a digital golden storm sweeping the world has come!

The birth of AJM is to solve the just-needed demand in the digital world. Traditional Internet payment, such as cross-bank payment is tedious and complicated, the handling fee for transnational payment are high, the speed of transfering to account is slow, the online transfer is poorly concealed and so on. All of these can be solved in AJM.

AJM - the arrival of the global digital age

The Jewish merchant AJM is a cryptographic asset created by the Jewish saint JT based on the previous blockchains 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. Throughout the technical iteration of the blockchain, there is an overall efficiency improvement. The blockchain 3.0 has been several times more efficient than the blockchain 2.0 era, and the efficiency of the blockchain 4.0 is beyond imagination. In terms of transaction speed, it is thousands of times faster than the former. The large throughput and scalability can make the blockchain become the infrastructure of each industry, thus changing people's lifestyles and accelerating the arrival of blockchain society.


Its technical advantages are mainly reflected in: Ai enhanced cross-chain technology architecture, distributed secure storage, data non-tamperable, anonymous transactions, lightning network, open third-party ecosystem. Not only that, AJM is also based on the new financial business model, through the integration of payment settlement and UT / ST dual-token issuance, to achieve the digitization or programmization of currency, securities, banking, and open the channel of funds into the real economy, promote the revolution of chain reform and corporate governance.

In the future, AJM will realize a decentralized consensus ecosystem, becoming the most powerful free financial business system and global private social network in history, and innovating the global digital economy!

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