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Oct 2021
YearnNFT Finance (YFNFT) mission is to accredit NFT creators and artists on Binance Smart Chain with a new NFT concept created and developed around powerful tokenomics. Our utility and governance token $YFNFT will be pushing several functions of our imminent platform.

We have closely watched the NFT ecosystem since quite years now. Last year, BSC came into existence and since then we have experienced its rapid growth. This blockchain network has shown immense improvement amongst the trusted and some popular platforms depicting both users and developers, though the timing finally seems accurate.

Our entire team working effortlessly behind YearnNFT consists of artists that are either creating physical or digital artworks or collectibles alike. YearnNFT is built with a belief to acquire a unique position with strong background in terms of developers as well as content creators. We have gathered some fresh perspectives along with a reliable network of connections intending to succeed with our platform.

YearnNFT Platform

Check out some exclusive features of YearnNFT Finance project.

Digital Art

The user can upload and sell their digital artworks as NFT’s with available solutions. YearnNFT marketplace is easy to use and intervene with very low transaction fees.


We might develop a smart-phone application for anyone to create, stake, reserve and trade NFT’s right from their phone.


This is governance token for YearnNFT marketplace and frictionless by design- YFNFT Token asset.


  • Name: YearnNFT.Finance
  • Symbol: YFNFT
  • Type: BEP20
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Token Distribution

  • 40% Presale
  • 35% Liquidity
  • 4% Registration Bounty
  • 4% Referral Bounty
  • 2% Influencer Reward
  • 2% Airdrop Reward
  • 3% NFT Publishers Reward
  • 3% Development Team
  • 2% Marketing Team
  • 1% Advisers
  • 2% Founders
  • 2% Investors
  • Audited and safe
Our smart contract has already passed a complete code audit.

No owner

Contract ownership is renounced which means that the code cannot be modified by anyone.

Low transaction fees

The low transaction fees of BSC make token creation and trading of NFT affordable for anyone. We think that our NFT marketplace will be game changer with respect to lowering the bar to create any NFT.

YearnNFT Finance Thoughts

YearnNFT platform is powered by the governance token YFNFT. Any users accessing our platform can stake and reserve this token asset to claim or issue NFT’s. We emphasize to become the easiest NFT platform that will be reliable to use by amongst other project out there. We are implying some simple and interesting features.

Though, we are currently a small yet dedicated team of developers and graphic designers relatively from the blockchain and technical background. Over the course of the coming months, we are planning to expand our team that will immediately speed up our development of YearnNFT platform and application alike.

This project is reliably easy to use with respect to interface and beginner friendly. We are supporting all the most common pictorial and collectibles formats on our platform. Later, we will launch the smart-phone application to freely use at the pace of phones.

Future Plans

Let me tell our readers that we are not stopping right here, we will transform the current NFT marketplace to a better place. Every featured aspect will be integrated into our platform to allow users and traders feasibly sell their artwork and earn YFNFT.

Furthermore, checking down the line we plan to incorporate some additional features for using native YFNFT token to the next level. We will also simplify NFT creation for beginners and non-experienced users.

We are centring on artworks as well as all sorts of NFT’s. Future renovation of our platform is set to be geared towards assets/items creation for images/picture/gallery collection. We are also thinking about adding some features to build around NFT’s to make it more interesting to explore.

YearnNFT Roadmap

October, 2021 | Kickstart Project

  • Website and Whitepaper launch
  • Airdrop begins
  • Start of marketing and public awareness
November, 2021 | Presale

  • Marketplace Launch and Presale begins
  • NFT creator documentations
  • Team expansion and further marketing
  • Research and development
December, 2021 | Token Listing

  • 5000 Holders
  • Token listing and airdrop distribution
  • Coingecko and CMC listing
  • Strategize a marketing and adoption plan
January, 2022 | NFT Listing

  • NFT Minting Model
  • Token listing
  • Music NFT Model launches
  • Further product development and iteration
February, 2022 | Upgrades

  • Token Growth 300X
  • 9000+ holders and marketplace upgrade
  • Further marketing and expansion
YearnNFT Finance will offer a native marketplace to transact NFTs created through YFNFT. The marketplace might enable anyone to list their NFTs in future for any price or can sell them through bidding in an auction.

Since the YearnNFT Finance is an open marketplace, we will make it simple for artist, creators and developers to decorate their items diversely from the masses. However, the respective developers will be verified via a dedicated verification system regulated by the YearnNFT team.

Verified items are then isolated from the masses offering a noise-free marketplace for permissible projects. The assets, collectible items and artwork can be listed by individuals with a dedicated noise-free market.

Any transactions performed on the YearnNFT marketplace can be settled in the YFNFT native token, and sellers can earn through the YearnNFT token. The YearnNFT token YFNFT is the native currency of the YearnNFT NFT marketplace. Additionally it can be used to buy, sell and reserve NFTs on the market.

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