News YearnNFT Finance Has Introduced Its Registration and Referral Bounty Program

Oct 2021
Today, let’s talk about a new emerging crypto art and collectible project called YearnNFT Finance ( This project intends to become the world’s leading digital marketplace for governed cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens alike.

As we all are aware of NFTs as an unique digital asset represented in the forms of collectibles, artwork, or any in-game items. The artists can efficiently create these tokens who can further tokenize their works to confirm their uniqueness, creating the ownership certainly managed by blockchain.

Hitherto, major NFTs choose to get developed on the Ethereum network standards. However, the time has changed since 2021, the project prefer to emerge on the new Binance Smart Chain aka BSC network. We can likely experience another boom with BSC upcoming projects in this sector.

Therefore, YearnNFT Finance is one among the new projects ready to burst any moment with the exit of NFTs within BSC. The project has released its Airdrop Bounty program and ready with Registration Referral campaign.

Through these event, the platform is distributing its native government token YFNFT asset. 2% I.e. (1466.64) of the YFNFT tokens are raised for Airdrop Bounty program. 4% I.e. 2933.28 of the tokens are raised for registration and referral campaign each.

What Makes YearnNFT Most Favorable?

We are excited to watch disruptive technology such as NFTs, blockchain technology revolutionizing our relationship to content and embrace content creators that was never done before. Both Non-Fungibles Tokens (NFTs) along with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can cross the chasm together. They are influencing the worlds of finance, esports, art and pop culture developed on BSC network and blockchain technology.

The enthusiasts has just begun engraving the surface about NFTs importance for creators. We hope to introduce some marquee projects with iconic artists, creatives and catalogs, while taking off projects, curators and followers to YearnNFT.

The team is willing to empower the entire community interested in the business of creativity to access audiences directly, escort their imaginative works to life, and remould the creative industries in a way making it more scalable, equitable, transparent, and efficient.

YearnNFT Finance is a collective spot of entertainment, technology, digital art for collectibles and art industry leaders. We offer a platform that will set up on-ramp artists, enthusiasts, creators and rights owners willing to build NFT marketplaces and projects alike.

We are binding talent and IP owners with trusted world class developers, knowledgeable producers, and NFT experts to demonstrate the next-generation innovative works, and is actively aspiring new collaborators.

YearnNFT Finance is a DeFi project for you that unites the gap from gaming to digital arts. We are endeavoring to bring artwork and collectibles gallery straight to the consumer. Check out the new displayed artwork to buy, sell, bid, and reserve the pieces for future investment.

YearnNFT Finance Airdrop and Bounty Program

YearnNFT Finance project offers you the opportunity to earn YFNFT tokens while fulfilling some social media tasks. The user needs to do simple steps mentioned in the bounty program here:

The participants can access the link to check out the tasks with required user details. Make sure to become an early YearnNFT contributor and start winning tokens for future offers. Stay tuned with our official Telegram Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, and website.

Bounty Tasks

YearnNFT commenced its Airdrop and Bounty program of YFNFT token from 20 October 2021. YearnNFT Finance is running this program on Binance Smart Chain based NFT marketplace. Join the Bounty program right away to claim free YFNFT tokens, choose your preferred tasks, complete them and submit in the forms mentioned above. The rewards is set to be distributed on weekly basis.

** Submit Your Binance Smart Chain Wallet address, Twitter Profile Link and Telegram ID **

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